Is it Safe to Use My Sex Toy When I’m Pregnant?

Pregnancy can be a wonderful but confusing time for your body. So many things are off limits for the health of you and your baby, how do you know what’s OK and not? We get this question all the time and figured it was time to address it for our followers who are expecting.



In fact, it can be very important to use sex toys during pregnancy. Many women have trouble achieving orgasms while they’re pregnant due to stress, discomfort, or a wide variety of other issues.

Masturbating or having toys used on you during pregnancy can be a great way to relieve stress, bond with your partner, and feel great.  Orgasms release oxytocin, which, when you’re past your due date, can even help encourage contractions. But don’t worry– if your pregnancy is healthy, having orgasms before your due date won’t put your baby at risk for an early delivery.

There’s even anecdotal evidence that suggests using a vibrator or dildo will stretch out your perineum and make it less likely to rip during delivery, but you should consult your doctor before taking this for fact.

In fact, it’s very important that you make sure you discuss all of this with your doctor before going ahead.

For all toys, make sure they’re body safe. Toys with phthalates are not only dangerous normally, but they can even be extra dangerous when you’re pregnant.

Vibrators and Dildos


YES– You can totally use vibrators when you’re pregnant. That’s right, even the powerful vibrations of the Magic Wand won’t bug your baby, induce contractions, or give you any other pain.

The only exception is if your doctor has said that you are too far progressed or have some other condition that would normally make penetration or orgasm dangerous.

These conditions include placenta previa and premature labor risk, so if either one of those might be a problem or if you don’t know, remember to speak to your doctor.


Anal Toys


YES– but be careful. You’re probably going to have hemorrhoids at some point during your pregnancy which would make sticking things up there, even soft toys, to be very painful.

The other problem with anal toys during pregnancy is that you need to make sure you’re keeping them clean. Switching a toy from anal to vaginal without switching the condom or without cleaning the toy off (if it’s not porous) can introduce dangerous bacteria to the vaginal canal or cervix, which in turn can give you or your baby a dangerous infection. Keep it clean and don’t force it if you’re in pain!



YES– don’t worry, pegging fiends! Pregnancy shouldn’t slow you down. So long as your harness still fits and you can still comfortably maneuver that belly, you should be perfectly safe to give your significant other some love with your favorite fake peen, like the above Crotchless Panties with 7″ Strap-On Dildo.

Lubes and Condoms

silk-pump (1)

All of our lubes are completely safe to be used during pregnancy. You may find that you are sensitive to certain ones, such as those with warming agents. Because of that, we recommend using more neutral lubes, like Liquid Silk.

You may think, “Why would I want to use a condom? I’m already pregnant!” Remember, that condoms, including the FC2 female condom are currently the only certifiable ways to prevent the transmission of STDs.

That’s right, you can still catch STDs if you’re pregnant, and even worse: you can give some of them, like HPV, HIV, and syphilis to your baby. So if you aren’t in a monogamous relationship, make sure you’re staying safe!

8 thoughts on “Is it Safe to Use My Sex Toy When I’m Pregnant?

  1. Oh, thank you SO MUCH for this post!

    I’m 5 months pregnant, no known condition for the moment, and I’ve been using my Fairy Lithium for some good alone time and with my husband, only to find articles online that said vibrations were not too great during pregnancy. A lot of these articles were contradictory though, and I started to get wary when one of them, an interview of a cis-male doctor, said that “it’s better not to use vibrators at all during pregnancy because it can create ultrasounds with unknown effects on the fetus…” (oh shit, with a Magic wand type toy I’m screwed!) but that “… vibrations are not necessary anyway because phallic thrusts in the vagina are enough to orgasm”. I just facepalmed and wondered what kind of doctor this is, but I wouldn’t trust them with my sexuality.


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