Product Review: Wet Inttimo Massage Oil

With so many interesting options, I had a difficult time deciding on which Wet Inttimo Massage Oil scent to try. Eventually, I went with the one called Romance.


Romance is listed as having a cedar-wood and patchouli scent, which concerned me a bit since I’m not all about smelling like I just got home from a festival, new age shop or a reggae show. But, the odor has much more of a light and airy sandalwood/cedar-wood aroma than a straight-up patchouli vibe. Both my partner and I loved the natural and somewhat subtle smell. I selected wisely.


Other oil options by Wet Inttimo include: Cucumber Melon, Invigorate (citrus and eucalyptus), Forbidden Fruit (berries) and Sensuality (tuberose and ylang-ylang). They all come in attractive, 8 ounce (237 ml) bottles and are all the same color natural oil color and share the same consistency. Although I did not personally notice any stains from this almost clear product, putting down a protective towel is always a good idea when playing with oil on an absorbent surface.


Great for massage, plus it’s a condom-safe lubricant.

Specifically made for both sensual massage and for use as a bath oil, this oil is great for use both in and out of the bedroom. Click here to learn about other sexy products you can use underwater!

But, be very aware that oil does compromise the integrity of latex condoms, so this is not to be used as a lubricant when condoms are in play, unlike Pjur Light BodyGlide, which is used by professional massage therapists and also happens to be a condom-safe personal lubricant.


The FC2 condom is compatible with oil.

These are the only downfalls of this product, in my eyes. But, like coconut or baby oil, it can be used with some types of non-latex condoms like Trojan NaturaLambs and the FC2 female condom. Another thing to be aware of is that this oil does contain glycerine, which can cause yeast infections in some women. But, this would make a safe and great feeling lube for male masturbation.

The main ingredient in these oils is almond oil, which I am a huge fan of in general. In other forms, I’ve used it in other health and beauty products, in baking and for shining up wooden floors. Other high quality nut oils from macadamia nuts and kukui nuts are found Wet Inttimo Massage Oils as well. Additional moisturizing ingredients from nature include: hempseed oil, avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, aloe, vitamin E and vitamin A.

My muscles were as warm and limp as spicy noodles after a deep massage with Wet Inttimo.

My muscles were as warm and limp as spicy noodles after a deep massage with Wet Inttimo.

As a contrast to other oils I have tried in the past, this one did not cause me to have any acne breakouts, rashes or scent-oriented allergies. My partner gave me a seriously thorough rub down, for around an hour, and it felt quite magical– as it turned my once tensed-up limbs into glorious limp wet noodles. The oil saturation level was a perfect blend of coating the skin for sliding action and absorbing into the skin for soothing deep massage.

Considering the lengthy duration and constant moisture involved in this massage, I was pretty darn shocked to see how much oil was left over. A mere half inch of oil was missing from the top of the bottle after all was said and done, which I would say was around half an ounce of oil. Happy to have so much left, I poured the same amount into a warm jacuzzi bath, and found it to be extremely soothing and hydrating.

Wet Inttimo goes hand in hand with a glass of wine and a hot bath.

Wet Inttimo goes hand in hand with a glass of wine and a hot bath.

Honestly, for $15.99, I wasn’t expecting so many uses out of this massage and bath oil. I plan on getting around 15 uses from this bottle. At about a dollar a pop, this stuff has far exceeded my expectations for both quality and longevity. So, you’ll have plenty of chances to light some candles and soak in a tub or give or get a sensual massage.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

Wet Inttimo Massage Oil smells fantastic and feels phenomenal. It calmed my mind and helped my partner create the right amount of pressure on my tense areas, resulting in relaxed muscles, moisturized skin, a calm mind and a smiling partner.

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