What’s the Deal With Vibrating Panties?

Get a thrill out of being sneaky and getting it on in public? I don’t blame you one little bit. The taboo of orgasming in public runs deep, and defying that social moray can be extremely titillating– especially if it derives from being all a-buzz in your britches.

You’ve seen them in movies, on TV and maybe even while grinding in the club– a woman is chillin,’ minding her business, when she suddenly looks as though her lifelong crush donned an invisibility cloak and is expertly licking her clit. You watch as her face contorts to display wave after wave of ecstasy, seemingly for no discernible reason. This, my friends, is the awesome power of the remote controlled vibrating panty.

Who and When

They may seem like a novelty, but these babies are great for rekindling a romance or as a tool for control and as a means of hands-free power play between partners. They cross the fine line between public and private life, and as long as the moaning isn’t extremely loud, they are very discreet enough for use at meetings, dinners, during movies or any other time you so desire.

Without any further ado, here are the vibrating panties we offer and the features that set them apart from the rest:

Vibrating Crotchless Panty


The Vibrating Crotchless Panty includes a removable self-contained micro stimulator that slips into a hidden pouch for the most intense clitoral stimulation imaginable, all while still wearing your knickers. Plus, the design leaves the anus and vagina exposed for internal play with your toy or partner as well. These attractive black thong panties also come with 6 batteries, so you’ll be all set for shimmying in your skivvies for a very long time.

Berman Center Astrea I


These unmentionable are certainly worth mentioning. The Berman Center Astrea I vibrating panties are the classiest looking hands-free vibrating panties around. Made from a soft and super touchable high quality black lace material, with a full coverage back and low rise cut, these vibrating panties have a mini-remote that works from up to 12 feet away, much like the Remote Controlled Panties listed below.

Berman Center Astrea II


Like the Astrea I, this alternate version boasts the same great features as the original Astrea, but with a different butt style, almost like a tanga back. The Spicy Gear owner, Kim has this product as one that is a part of Kim’s Favorite’s Gift Set— an assortment of adult products that would please even the most discerning person, like the owner of this sex toy company, for example. Her kit includes a Hitachi Magic Wand, a Vibratex Rabbit and these fine panties, the Berman Center Astrea II.

Remote Controlled Panties


From 12 feet away, the powerful remote for these cotton Brazilian-cut cotton panties can emit jolting vibes in these tiger striped Remote Controlled Panties. If you love the element of surprise, sit back, press the button controlling the hidden vibrator in these super cute panties and enjoy the sneak attack show. Watching them try to hide their excitement is part of the fun. Grrrr, baby!

Lover’s Thong with Beads


Believe me when I say, this Lover’s Thong with Beads is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill sex toy. For an open play garment (sometimes called a crotchless panty), meaning no fabric will be hindering access you the sensitive vaginal canal, this beaded, vibrating thong is perfect for when you want a vibrating cock ring experience, but for a woman’s anatomy. Like a labia necklace, mixed with a vibrator mixed with a sexy black G-string– this little number massages his shaft as he enters and exits you.

Power Gem


Like the decorative belt buckle of sex toys, the Power Gem is a little magnetic device which can be used to instantly transform any pair of undies into pretty, sparkly, vibrating panties. Whoa. I really like this product because the gem can be strategically positioned by the wearer for maximum contact, be it clitoral, labial or anal. Or, buy a pair and turn your plain old bra into a nipple stimulating adventure, like shiny, magenta-toned vibrating pasties.

Returning Vibrating Panties and Product Maintentence

Vibrating panties are meant for multiple uses, and are all made to be washable, once the vibrating device has been removed from the hidden pocket inside. To sanitize panties and remove lube stains from silicone or oil-based lubes, wash panties with Pjur Med Clean or the Berman Center Toy Cleaner. Unfortunately, because of the intimate nature of these products, we are unable to accept returns on vibrating panties.

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