Lube Review: Probe Thick Rich

If you’ve been searching for a paraben-free, water-based, condom and toy-safe personal lubricant, Probe Thick & Rich may be just what you’ve been looking for.


What I love about this personal lubricant is its natural citrus preservative, made from grapefruit seed extract. This is one of four ingredients in this lube, the others being water, vegetable glycerin and polyethylene oxide (a synthetic thickener).

All of these are non-toxic and are safe for use for vaginal and anal sex. With these four simple ingredients, Probe Thick Rich is even safe for ingestion, making it ideal for use during oral sex as well. However, please note that some women are more sensitive to glycerin than others, as it is a sugar which can possibly lead to yeast infections–which are contagious. Personally, I’ve never had this issue, but I know that some other people with vaginas do have this problem. To learn more about this read up on the different kinds of lube out there and what kinds of lube are best for specific activities.

This particular lube is pH balanced for vaginal use, which is a surprisingly rare characteristic in a sex lube, and has rave reviews from female customers who have trouble with harsher lubricant ingredients. And, it really is odorless, tasteless and colorless– just like the bottle says, so the irritation and distraction factors are pretty low with this lube. It’s also non-staining, so your sheets will thank you.

Too thick and rich for your taste? Read a review of Probe Light here!


The actual tactile sensation of this lubricant is slick, but somewhat stringy– like rubber cement or an extra cheese pizza. I found this to be strange at first, as I am used to a goopier or runnier consistency in my personal lubricants. But, with the addition of a few drops of water, the stringiness subsided and the lube felt renewed when rehydrated, which made it last longer than other water-based personal lubricants.

Probe Thick Rich comes in a variety of sizes, the largest one having a convenient pump dispenser and the smaller ones have a press top cap. The bottles aren’t fancy in their design, and they have a no frills label as well, but they are recyclable and discreet looking– which is always nice.

The only thing that I found strange about this lube, except the initial stringiness, was a warning on the label which states: Probe may kill some sperm– do not use if pregnancy is desired. Now, this prompted me to do a little research, as I have never seen this warning on a non-spermicidal lubricant before.

durex loveBut, after a lot of clicking and reading, the gist is: any commercially produced water-based lubricant decreases the mobility of sperm, thereby decreasing the likelihood of pregnancy. Studies indicate that silicone-based and oil-based lubes may not have the same impact on sperm’s motility. Just another reason to use Probe Thick & Rich in addition to your favorite condom, like a Durex Love— for extra protection against unwanted pregnancy.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

Get past the stringy nature of Probe Thick & Rich, and you’ll be probing your pleasure spots in no time– just be sure to rehydrate it with a few drops of water for maximum slickness. Great for those who want a lube that’s ideal for: toys, condoms, oral and vaginal!

What Customers are Saying:

5 StarsLady Masako – London, UK

Hey let me say something !
Probe has been my regular since ’02.
Definitely the BEST lube around.
Here in UK, many gay female falls in love with its texture. Stickiness can be solved by adding a little water or try silky green bottle. But we loooove Thick & Rich !

5 StarsSuse – New York

This lube is best for women. It is water soluble and extremely natural feeling. Unlike most other lubes, this one will not cause yeast or urinary tract infections. I have tried many lubes over the years and this is the only one that I will now use.

5 Starswhatsername – Sacramento, CA

Fabulous! Looks and feels just like a man’s pre-cum. Perfectly mimics and integrates with your own fluids, and re-wets like a dream with just a little spit. I will definitely purchase again.

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