Our Most Realistic-Feeling Toys

We get it. We all love toys, but sometimes you’re just really jonesing for the real thing. If you can’t get the real thing for one reason or another, these toys are here to satisfy you to the max– all while feeling as real and natural as a toy can get.

Briana Banks Love Doll


One of our reviewers put it best: why buy some babe dinner when you can have Briana? If you’re looking for real pussy but don’t want to spend the time and commitment on a real relationship, Briana is the best option out there. This is our most highly-rated love doll, and it’s not just because of her realistic pubes or the fact that she’s taken from a cast of one of the hottest adult film stars on the planet.

Maybe it’s because of the ten speeds combined with the five functions that make it feel like it’s a real girl making real movements. Or maybe it’s the Ultra-Realistic 3.0 material. Or maybe it’s the 7” deep pussy or the 9” deep anus. Who knows? All we know is everyone loves Briana and you will too.

Adam Dexter Realistic Dildo


Left and right, we hear dudes complaining about having a curved penis. So then, why do women love Adam so damn much? This gorgeous black dildo is one of our top sellers and it’s cast and dyed to look exactly like Adam Dexter’s giant wang.

With a foot of insertable length and some massive balls to boot, this dong is going to make your day with that G-spot delighting curve. It’s thick, it’s veiny, and it’s made of soft latex. So keep it away from those oil-based lubricants. WET Uranus is going to make this big guy go down any hole nice and easy– if you’re into nice and easy.

Original Pink Butt Fleshlight


It never gets better than the original! If you can’t get enough of the butt, but your partner is completely spent, this is a great toy for you.

The Superskin that makes up this fleshlight is latex-free, meaning it’s safe to use oil-based lubricants on it. But you’re still going to want to clean it out very well to preserve that soft, skin-like feeling. Using a condom may also be a great idea to keep this toy feeling as comfortable and clean as new– remember, our best sellers are the Crown Skinless Skin!

Couture Collection Organza


It’s very difficult to find a realistic-feeling vibrator that isn’t made of potentially toxic materials. Many vibrators don’t look like penises either, just because there isn’t a crazy high demand for them! Imagine that. It seems that many women gravitate towards more discreet-looking toys, but that doesn’t mean they won’t want something that feels unnatural.

But if you want something that’s both body-friendly and super soft, silicone is the way to go. The Couture Collection houses some of our most favorite silicone-based vibrators. The Organza in particular comes with seven different functions– and like an iPhone, it only used one button to control all of those functions. So you won’t be messing around trying to calculate the perfect setting. Sometimes, simplicity is best.

Lifestyles Naturals Personal Lubricant


Looking for something that feels just like her natural wetness? Look no further! This water-based lube is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and it feels just like your favorite all natural lubricant– girl spooge. Since it’s water-based, it’s also safe to use on any of the above toys.

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