Beads ‘n Balls ‘n Ben Wa, Oh My!

If you like gettin’ it on with spheres as much as I do, then look no further. Here are Spicy Gear’s best beads, balls and Ben Wa sex toys!


Anal Beads, Ahoy!


If you’ve been looking to experiment with anal play, anal beads are a great place to start. Beads are a less harsh alternative to a giant dildo or a strap on and can make a great transition between anal fingering and anal sex. Plus, popping them in and out is as much fun as popping bubble wrap.

Our customers usually prefer the mid-sized model– Anal Beads Medium. Using some Pjur BackDoor lube is always a good idea to prevent microtears in the delicate anal lining and the accompanying BackDoor Comfort Spray can lightly desensitize the area if the sensation is too intense. Since these anal beads have a cord on them, be sure to thoroughly clean them after each use with an antimicrobial toy cleaner like Wet Keep It Clean.

These Wands Be Ballin’


When orbs meet tubes and meld into one sexlicious formation, it can turn any average day into a glorious occasion. These bumpy wands are a solid version of anal beads, meaning there are no strings attached–literally. So, the next time you’re feelin’ frisky, get your consequence-free O on with a ballin’ wand and some super slick Wet Uranus lube. Try using a Lube Shooter to get it where it needs to be and you’ll think your wand feels magical. Here are my favs:

1. Glass Gem Diamond– Super easy to clean and is shareable between partners is fully sanitized. Perfect for temperature play.

2. nJoy Fun Wand– The Cadillac of sex toys. Excellent for prostate stimulation and very easy to keep looking and feeling like new. Nice weight to it as well.

3. Rear End Pleasure Tree– Hands down, this toy just feels fantastic. The graduated sizes of spheres create a surprisingly realistic head-like feeling when inserted.

4. Double Fantasy– These brightly hues wands slightly resemble a swizzle stick and are really meant for one time use. Perfect when paired with a Pina Colada lube by Swiss Navy.

Be Wise and Make Those Kegels Exercise


Kegels are essential for pelvic muscle strength and bladder control. Strong kegels can also increase the chances of having an orgasm or having a more powerful orgasm. Sure, you can do exercises with any aids or equipment, but having the right tools for the job always makes increases your changes of improvement. Kegels are especially important if a natural childbirth has taken place or if there is a concern about begin fully satisfied by a smaller penis.

I heartily recommend the Baller Pack for anyone interested in stepping up there kegel game, all while having a pleasure-filled time. Includes a Lelo Iris, Lelo Luna Beads and an njoy Pure Wand, so it’ll help you simultaneously tighten those muscles up and relax the rest of your muscles. On the other hand, the Couture Collection Eclipse is great for those with a latex allergy or for those who prefer non-vibrating toys that also strengthen the vagina. Made from silicone, these beautifully designed tapered balls also have a tail for easy removal.

Ben Wa Balls to the Walls


Ben Wa balls originally came from Asia and were worn throughout the day in order to promote arousal. Of course, back then they were also filled with mercury, which is a liquid metal, that would shift around during body movements and will create stimulation– and we think modern sex toys are too toxic! Don’t worry, none of our Ben Wa balls have any mercury in them, but the principle remains the same.

1. The Ben Wa Balls– Be sure to use these lilac balls with a lot of lube, as they tend to absorb moisture. The cord makes them an absolute cinch to remove.

2. Real Skin Vibrating Ben Wa Balls– If you like vibrating toys and you like Ben Wa balls, this is the perfect sex toy for you or your partner.

3. XL Ben Wa Balls– The most traditional ones we carry, these are made from a hard plastic and have a metal ball insert in them for a nice heavy feeling.


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