Best Lubes For Sensitive Skin

Like many folks out there, I have sensitive skin. Whenever anyone buys me fancy smelling soaps or lotions, they always go into my guest bathroom or risk being unused. Nope, it’s coconut oil and hydrocortisone for this girl. Even certain smells or foods can set my skin aflame, making it itch.

But I’m also a lubricant connoisseur. And over the years, I’ve come to discover what works for me best, and now I’d like to share that with those of you out there while also need a little more tender loving care when it comes to your skin.



Stay Away From


Made from nonoxynol-9, spermicide can be very irritating even to people without sensitive skin. Many companies decided to stop making it when it was found to be ineffective and even detrimental at preventing the spread of HIV/AIDs, but some condom companies still put it in their pre-applied lubricated condoms because customers request it. Stop the demand!


Many may find warming lubricants to be pleasurable, but for those with sensitive skin, especially folks with vaginas, warming lubricants can turn said vaginas into a living hell. The main ingredient that makes these lubes so warm and toasty? Capsaicin, which you foodies will recognize as the ingredient that makes peppers spicy. In a small amount, it’s not supposed to be painful, but many report it causes a deal of discomfort. In a large part, those reporting discomfort are people with vaginas.


Your vagina has yeast. Yeast, for those of you who have never made bread before, is a natural fungus activated by sugars. Glycerin and sugars, like those found in many flavored lubes, can activate the yeast in your vagina, potentially setting you up for a yeast infection. Many women never have a problem with this, but for those of us who are plagued with frequent yeast infections, glycerin is a big no-no. We recently found out that this was an issue with Swiss Navy Flavored Lubes.


My Favorites

As a disclaimer, just know that just because these work for me doesn’t mean that they’ll work for you. These are simply the least invasive lubricants that I have tried. Order them in small amounts and try them in small amounts and you’ll be bound to find something that you love.


WET Naturals

I love this lube line because it comes with so many options. They’re sugar-free, paraben-free, glycerin-free, colorless and tasteless. They’re essentially everything I want in a lube, but they have vitamins and they leave your skin feeling soft and silky, not greasy and crusty. While their Beautifully Bare is excellent, my favorite is the Silky Supreme, but they even have the perfect lube for oral– Sensual Strawberry! That’s right, even their oral lube is sugar-free. How awesome is that?


Liquid Silk

This is my favorite hybrid lube on the market. While it has the properties of both water and silicone-based lubes, you can still use it with silicone toys and get that same slick, waterproof feeling that most silicone lubes offer. The thing that I love most about Liquid Silk is that when I’m using it, I barely notice it. Why? Because I don’t want to notice my lube. I don’t want it to get all over my sheets. I don’t want it to dry out so quickly I have to keep reapplying it, stopping the action. I just want it to be there, and the creamy formula of Liquid Silk is unobtrusive as it gets. I just want it to feel like my natural fluids– and Liquid Silk is great for that.


Image courtesy of ponsulak /

Image courtesy of ponsulak /

Coconut Oil

For those of you using non-latex or polyisoprene condoms, your new favorite lube may be in your grocery store baking aisle. I recently gave coconut oil a shot seeing as my partner and I prefer Trojan’s NaturaLambs which won’t be corrupted by oil-based lubes (although they are not STD-proof!). We quickly fell in love with how soft and silky coconut oil made everything feel. On top of being a great lube, it also does amazing things to your skin, so if you want to transition from a nice genital massage to a full-body one with your partner, this lube will do the trick.


WET Uranus

This lube is essential for anal! Not only is their silicone-based lube one of the best I’ve ever had, it’s perfect for anal. With no parabens or glycerin, it does have a good pH balance and is hypoallergenic– this lube is perfect for all heavenly bodies– even those who need a little more sensitivity. For those with silicone toys, it also comes in a water-based formula, although be careful, sensitive people: that version does have glycerin, so if you’re sensitive, you may want to check out an alternative option.

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