Lube Review: Swiss Navy 2-In-1 His and Hers

The first thing I love about Swiss Navy’s 2-in-1 lubricating gel double pack is the first thing that you see: the bottle. It looks like a tube of deodorant, but it has two pumps on it– the purple, which is labeled as the Hers, and the blue, which is the His. Seriously, I am obsessed with this bottle. Not only is it super easy to apply, but I want to put all of my lotions and goos into an applicator like this.



It took my partner a few squirts to get each pump going, which is pretty typical with any pump-action bottle.

Now, you can use either lube on either partner. Just because they’re gendered a certain way doesn’t mean your lube enjoyment should be as limited. This is labeled as, “Gels for Couples,” and that truly does mean every couple. Even if your couple isn’t made up of a His and a Hers exactly, or if your couple is more like a triple or more, don’t be turned off by this product. It’s still a lot of fun, and they both pretty much do the same thing but in different ways: enhance your pleasure.

The Hers is listed as a stimulating gel. Much like WET Wow, it seems to increase the blood flow to an area, making it more susceptible to arousal. Unlike WET Wow, the feeling is not as extreme. Where WET Wow was on the horizon between WOW and rather uncomfortable, this product is nice and even. It delights, but it isn’t overwhelming. Folks with sensitive clitorises might not notice it as much, but my partner and I both really enjoyed it for nipple play.

The His half is labeled as an enhancement gel. How this is different from a stimulating gel, you’ve got me. It also increases sensitivity and arousal, and once again is not as intense as the WET Wow but just enough. Both also contain menthol and peppermint oil, so there’s a little bit of a tingle, much like with WET Synergy + Cool Tingle. But unlike the Synergy products, you’re getting double the lube for a great price.

We put the Hers on the outside of our Trojan NaturaLamb and the His on the inside. Both lubes are condom safe, but we found the lambskin of the NaturaLamb to enhance the feeling of both lubricants. My partner, like many men, sometimes finds condoms restrictive, so we’re always looking for ways to enhance his pleasure. This made him extra sensitive on the inside– the only bummer was that because it’s a water-based gel, it absorbed pretty quickly, and it’s rather difficult to reapply once it’s on the inside of a condom!

A warning for those of you with lube sensitivities: the His gel contains glycerin which can sometimes encourage a yeast infection; Hers gel contains parabens which some people are sensitive to. I tend to run on the very sensitive end of the spectrum though, and I did not have any problem with either of these two gels, although we used the His sparingly down below decks.

Final Verdict:

This is a great alternative to those who found WET Wow too intense. While there’s almost no difference in feeling between either lube, they both kick the pleasure up to eleven– no matter where you’re using them.

Overall Rating: Four Stars

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