Best Toys For Men With Erectile Dysfunction

Today’s post is for the dudes. Or for the those who have dude partners who are having trouble getting it up.



Erectile dysfunction sucks. Not just because you can’t get it up, but it can also be a real mood and confidence killer.

ED can be caused be any number of diseases, stress, or other emotional problems. Chances are, if it’s happening to you or your partner, it’s probably more a symptom of something else than a problem with your relationship. It happens frequently to older men, but even younger men can find themselves affected for a wide assortment of reasons.


Luckily enough, there are plenty of aids out there designed to help get you back on your feet )and your partner off their feet). Toys used to combat ED are used for two things: the first is to help you achieve an erection. The second is to help your pleasure your partner. Some toys help with one or the other, but many can help with both.

Cock Rings


Cock rings are a great tool for a man with ED. They trap that much-needed blood where it needs to be, plus they go on while flaccid so you don’t even have to worry about the lead up to applying the toy.

If you’re a new-comer to the world of erection rings, stay away from non-locking metal rings and start with something squishy and easy to remove, like the Nitrile Rings pictured above. They’re made of the same materials at the FC2, so you know they’ll stay strong but also comfortable.

You may also want to combine the excitement of a ring with a vibrator. Not only could it help your partner when your trooper isn’t at his best, but it can also stimulate you. We really love the Double Dolphin for the extra power of the double vibe.

Read up about how to use erection rings safely here!

Penis Pumps



Penis pumps work a lot like cock rings in that their main aim is to trap blood in the member. The difference is that they use a suction of some kind to do so. Typically, you place your penis into the pump, then use the hang pump or a battery-powered pumper to suction yourself to full mast.

Some penis pumps can be bought using a prescription. But even if you decide to buy one on your own (like our Top Gauge Penis Pump), make sure to consult your doctor to see if you’re well enough to use one. Using a penis pump too frequently or too aggressively can result in problems and entirely separate health problems.

Because of this, they are not always recommended for the treatment of medical reasons. They also have not been tested and proven to work completely, although many doctors will still recommend them. And there’s plenty of colloquial evidence that says they can be a boon. They are reportedly especially good for men suffering from diabetes, depression, poor blood flow, or who may have had surgery on their penis.



Vibrators aren’t just for women, and it doesn’t mean you have ti stick it up your butt, either, if that’s unappealing to you. Many doctors recommend using a high-powered vibe on the penis to increase the blood flow and sensation. Have your partner settle in and give you a nice, relaxing massage with them favorite vibrator. Just make sure that it’s able to be cleaned, or wear a condom if you’re not comfortable sharing an intimate toy with them.

Specialists recommend using larger, powerful vibrators, like the Magic Wand. The AcuVibe (pictured above) is another great example. You don’t have to start directly with the junkage either. Have your partner apply a little oil (if it won’t damage the toy) or lube to the vibrator and massage your back, arms, and legs. The relaxation may help take the stress away from the need to perform and let you both focus on pleasure instead of expectations. Remember, the penis is not the only sensual part of the body.


Prostate Massagersanerosmgx

Many men who suffer from ED report massive success when having their prostate massaged. Since it’s a different sort of orgasm, it may help you relax and release, if you’re comfortable enough with it.

The prostate is a gland that only biological males have. The job of the prostate is to help sperm– by giving it nutrients and providing it with protection. Luckily, it has a third function– when stroked, it can provide the sort of pleasure that many like to compare to a woman having her G-Spot stimulated.

Prostate massagers, like our LELO Billy are a great tool to do so, but the prostate can also be massaged with a finger or even a strap-on. Be careful though– just like anything involving anal, it may take some time to work up until you’re comfortable having your prostate massaged.

Learn more about prostate massagers and other anal toys in our Anal Toys section!



If your main goal is to help your partner get off, there’s no shame in trying a strap-on. Many can be adjusted to accommodate a flaccid penis within the harness just fine, but there are even some which are hollow, so you can strap them around your penis and still feel both the comfort of penetrating your partner but not have to worry about disappointing them if things go south. We currently don’t sell these, but we are looking to get some in stock soon.

We do however sell other strap-ons, like the one pictured above, which has a crotchless harness which may help you have more room for your own junk.

Many of the tips in our pegging article can help you use a strap-on on your partner safely!

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6 thoughts on “Best Toys For Men With Erectile Dysfunction

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  4. Great article. Penis pumps are effective and it is like exercising your penis. Using penis pumps have lesser chances of having negative effects since you’ll not intake medicine or go to any surgery


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  6. Did lots of research. I am 61 with health issues (hi BP and heart disease). The meds I take caused me to lose about 75% of my erection. Open & honest communication with my wife has led us to give strap-on “technique” a try. Her pleasure is my #1 priority. I will let you know how it worked.


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