Erection Rings: An Introduction

There are two different types of erection rings: vibrating and non-vibrating. Both are used to restrict the blood flow of the penis, making it harder and causing the wearer to last longer. These will give you some of the best erections of your life– and your partner/s will love your new-found length and hardness! Just make sure you’re wearing them right– not doing so can cause permanent injury!




Unlike their male masturbator counterparts, erection rings have been around for quite some time and have both a rich and lauded history. They were first created in ancient China, around 2000 years ago, and served a purpose much the same as the one they do today– to keep the blood flow inside of the penis for a harder, firmer erection.


The first cock rings were made using a goat’s eyelids, or so the stories say. No doubt the stretchy sinew made them easy to adjust, a lot like the modern Trojan NaturaLamb condoms. As time went on though, they began to be made of firmer stuff– stone, jade, and leather. And China wasn’t the only purveyors– people all over the world have records of their kinky cock rings, from ancient Greece, Egypt, and tribes in central Africa.

Unlike now however, these rings were also used for aesthetic enjoyment as well– jewelry.

As time progressed, however, views on sexuality changed.  As many western cultures became less and less open-minded, their sex toys changed– into sex prevention. Cock rings were still around in this day and age, but they took on a very different look.


Most had spikes which would dig into the flesh of a young man’s erection to curb any sexual thoughts that could lead to erections. While in retrospect, this sounds like a downright awful idea (especially since many young men go through a period during puberty where they can’t control their erections), I happen to know some men these days who might even find the idea delightful. Our Dual Rubber Nubby harkens back to these woeful and ancient days, with rubber nubs shaped like spikes. But don’t worry, they don’t hurt– they’re meant to pleasure your partner’s clitoris.


How To

Cock rings are pretty simple, but they may seem daunting the first time you try to apply one.

The first step, like with using a condom, is to figure out what size you are. Our friends over at Condom Depot were cool enough to put together this Erection Ring Size Chart, complete with measuring instructions!


After you find out what size works best for you, now it’s time to apply the ring. This can seem very stressful at first, but just relax and it will go easy.

It may go even easier if you’ve shaved your dude bits, especially if the ring is made of rubber, nitrile, or jelly. These materials tend to stick a little better so they might rip some hairs out. The ring will also go on easier if you put it on while flaccid.

You can wear it either above or below the balls. If you want to put it on above the balls, simply lube up a little and slide the ring down. Pretty easy right?

If you want to put it on below the balls, it’s a little more complicated. You should still lube up (we prefer WET’s Synergy because it doesn’t get sticky or tacky, but it’s still safe for silicone toys), but start with the balls first. Slip the ring over one testicle, then the other, then fold your flaccid penis in half and push it through.


If your ring has a vibrator, position it either up or down to the greatest benefit of your partner. During vaginal sex, up will stimulate the clitoris and down will stimulate the anus.

Remember, safety is very important when wearing a ring. Not being safe can do permanent damage to your penis or testicles. If your genitals begin to feel cold, hurt, swell to ridiculous proportions (the ring should make them just a little harder and bigger), remove it and stop all sexual activities. If your erection doesn’t go away after you remove the ring, you may need to go to the ER.

But don’t be too afraid. Wearing the right size and only wearing it for twenty minutes or less should prevent any of the above conditions.



Rubber/Nitrile: One of the more common types of simple rings, rubber and nitrile are excellent. They’re simple, they’re not costly, and they are easy to remove if there’s a problem. The one big downside is that they can be kind of sticky, so if you prefer to let your pubes hang long, you may want to shave them first. We love our Fresh Nitrile Three Pack— with three sizes for a low price, you’re open to experimenting to see what feels best.


Metal: There is an inherent danger in using metal rings that don’t have a clasp though– they can be dangerous to cut off if they are on too tight. Without clasps, these rings aren’t made for beginners to cock rings and should only be used by someone who knows the width of their erect penis very well. The Alchemy Metal Erection Rings are our best selling metal rings.


Jelly: Ah yes, the jelly ring. Like with dildos and vibrators made of the same material, it can be difficult to judge just what goes into this mysterious jelly material– and they are often considered to be toxic. Admittedly, erection rings aren’t very expensive and making a ring out of jelly makes them even cheaper, so unless you’re really gung-ho about a certain ring, you may want to switch to rubber/nirtile, or silicone rings instead. They’ll have all the same comfort, but be less of a risk and they’ll be far more durable. Usually, erection rings that come with a vibrator (vibrating rings) are made from some sort of jelly material. Our Clit Flicker is a good example.

vibejohn-cd (2)

Silicone: Perhaps the safest sex toy material, some rings also come in silicone (like our world famous Vibrating Johnny!) These toys are great because they’re super easy to sterilize and they can last a lot longer than jelly rings.

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