dilDON’T Forget To Recycle Those Toys!

So, you have a compost pile. You use rechargeable batteries in your Spicy Rabbit. Your lube is all organic. And you’d die before letting nylon and polyester into your lingerie drawer. You believe that we can make a better world by recycling and being responsible for our carbon footprints. But did you know that your adult toy is also recyclable?



Because of the materials that they’re made with, it can be difficult to figure out where and how to dispose properly of your toys. Sometimes, you may not even know what material your toy is made of, which can make the disposal process doubly difficult.

Some places that take electronic recycled items are more than happy to accept old vibrators and other electronic toys. Check first to make sure that the recycling company is alright with that, and then follow the proper procedures to disinfect them. A recent case in San Antonio recently found that people had been mistakenly sending their toys into a recycling company who didn’t have the proper tools to dispose of them!

Many adult stores offer their own forms of recycling– and some will even give you store credit. Our friends over at ScarletGirl.com run a great service where you can turn in your old and broken toys for a $10 coupon. These companies don’t turn around and resell these toys. They’re broken down into their main, basic materials, and these materials are recycled according to OSHA and EPA standards.
Here are some other things you can do to keep your love-making earth-friendly:

1. Contraception! If you would like to have children, plan responsibly with your partner to limit your carbon footprint.


2. Biodegradable contraception! Right now, the only type of biodegradable barrier contraception is the lambskin condom. Which could prove to be an issue for those vegans in the audience. Latex is biodegradable, but condoms are not made of 100% latex, and polyurethane is not biodegradable at all. There is research that also suggests that using hormonal birth control can have a negative impact on the environment, once human waste gets into the water. The options look pretty slim, but there is something you can do. Support measures of non-hormonal male birth control. To help, check out the Male Contraception Information Project.

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3. Use rechargeable batteries! Instead of buying your favorite pack of AAAs for your vibes, opt for toys that come with rechargeable batteries or can be plugged in, like the Magic Wand. If disposable batteries are your only option, take them out of your toy whenever you’re done playing to ensure that they last as long as possible, and then recycle them at your local battery-recycling box.

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4. Go all natural! Natural lubes don’t just feel amazing, but they can help keep your toys in tip-top shape. They can even help keep things slick and smooth if you have an allergy or sensitivity to conventional lubricants. WET Naturals Silky Supreme is one of our favorites– especially if you (like we) have sensitive skin! Additionally, staying away from petroleum based-lubes and toys can help deplete our reliance on petroleum!

5. Use glass, wood, or metal toys! These toys are far easier to recycle than the mystery blend of chemicals that can go into some jelly toys. Worried they won’t be as fun? Say that to the customer reviews on our nJoy Pure Wand!



6. And, of course…


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