Our Spiciest Toys For Couples

Now that you’ve learned the best way to introduce your partner to your toy box, you’re going to need some new additions. Below, in no particular order, are our favorite products for couples, ranging from the pretty vanilla to the super kinky.

Vibrating Johnny



This is our favorite erection/vibrating ring EVER. Not only does it feel amazing, it can be used as both an erection ring and a vibrating ring– I have one that the battery died on ages ago, but my partner still likes the way it feels so much, he still uses it as an erection ring.

What’s really great about vibrating rings is that they can be used by anyone. Sure, they may look like they’re made exclusively for penises, but you can also put them on a dildo or strap-on for the same effect in a penis-free environment, or you can even put them on your fingers.


Sybian Sex Machine


Alright, this may be a big ticket item, but those who have Sybians swear they don’t need anything else. And for those who think the Sybian is for solos only, you’ll be sorely mistaken. Our Sybian comes with a bench for your partner to sit on so you can still pleasure each other while the machine is working its magic.

Nearly everyone who invests in a Sybian reports that they become a more open and receptive partner. If you’re skeptical, just check out the reviews on the product page!

WET Inttimo Massage Oil


You’re probably already a big fan of WET’s lubricants. But you’re going to LOVE their massage oil line just as much. These oils are made from all-natural extracts and they smell amazing. Just imagine lathering your partner up for a playful wrestling massage. First one to make the other orgasm wins. Or use it for a sensual massage after a long day that can devolve into a little more. Psst… the Forbidden Fruit flavor is our favorite.

Just be careful– since these are oils, they aren’t safe to use with latex condoms or toys.


Smooth Double-Header White


If you’re looking for your new favorite double-ended dildo, look no further. This rubber monstrosity can be used with a partner, either vaginally or anally. Or you can use it alone for a little double-penetration action– it’s perfectly flexible.


Hog Tie Restraint Kit


Up for some light BDSM? Even if you’re a more experienced practitioner, this kit is for you. Get your partner exactly where you want them by strapping their ankles to their wrists. It even comes with an O-ring perfect for targeting where exactly to penetrate.

Just make sure you read up on how to play safe for beginners if you’re not an experienced fetish practitioner.

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