The Magical World of Glass Dildos


I remember the first time I ever saw a glass toy. I was enchanted. I never knew before that you could use glass for such an object– and they were so pretty!

I didn’t even think about all the amazing ways you can use a glass toy– temperature play, sensual massages, they won’t get ruined by different types of lube, they’re easy to clean, and best of all, they’re completely safe to use– even if you have allergies to other materials commonly found in sex toys. Of course, now I’m obsessed with them. I mean, they look like magical girl staffs. So why wouldn’t you want one? They’re so pretty, it’s kind of difficult to not put them on display.


Buying your first glass toy can be a little intimidating, and taking care of one can be even more so. Here are some tips on making the most of your toy, and making sure you’re keeping it safe.


Unlike silicone toys, you don’t have to worry about certain types of lube ruining your glass toy. The only thing you really have to worry about is getting it too slick and dropping it! Just make sure your lubes are you-safe– stay away from products that use any types of alcohol (many hand lotions have cetyl alcohol and other forms of alcohol that may be an irritant). Lotions with fragrances can also be an irritant and weren’t meant to be exposed to the mucous membranes inside of a vagina. All-natural stuff, like coconut oil, or pre-approved silicone and water-based lubes are best.


Temperature Play

Glass toys can hold a lot of heat, but you should still be careful with how to heat them. The best way is to use hot water. The water shouldn’t be boiling, and it shouldn’t be so hot that it’ll scald you, but it should be about as hot as a warm bath. Submerge your glass toy in this water and leave it for a few minutes, then it will be ready.

  • Avoid heating them in the microwave. Microwaves don’t heat evenly and you could end up with some serious hot pocket syndrome.
  • If you’re worried that it may be too hot for you to stand, test it on the inside of your wrist first. If it’s too hot there, it’ll be too hot for your other sensitive areas.
  • Don’t switch rapidly from hot to cold. Just like with glass dish ware, switching too quickly can break your glass toy.

Alternatively, glass toys are also great for bringing some chill into the bedroom. You can do this basically the same way as heating your toy– by submerging it in cold water for a few moments.

Just make sure that water isn’t too cold. You don’t want a tongue-stuck-to-the-lamppost situation, and your genitals are just as warm and moist as a tongue!


Keep It Clean

Glass toys are great because they’re easy to clean. You can use a normal toy cleaner, like [THIS], or you can boil them. Since glass isn’t porous, you don’t have to worry about bacteria or other germs getting into the material. You can even swap them between partners so long as they are cleaned before swapping (although using a condom on them is still a great option).

One important thing to remember is to make sure you dry your toy completely before putting it away. Bacteria will thrive in a moist, dark environment, so unless you’re keeping your toy on display, it needs to be perfectly dry before being put back in your storage place.


And speaking of storage, storing a glass toy can be a little more difficult than other toys. I usually just throw my normal, silicone vibrator in my underwear drawer or bedside table, but glass toys need their own special spot so you can be sure that they’re safe from harm. Consider putting them in a wooden or other sturdy box somewhere up high where they can’t be crushed or accidentally stepped on. Some toys come with their own safe boxes, but if yours didn’t, consider getting an inexpensive jewelry box to protect your investment. You can store them alongside other toys.

Most glass toys come inside a velvet bag which also works well as a storage space. Just make sure you put that bag somewhere safe.

While it may be tempting to keep these works of art in the freezer so they’re nice and cold for your next romp, keeping them at room temperature and then heating or cooling them down when you’re ready is a far better idea. They’re typically not made to be frozen, especially for long periods of time, and that can cause them to break quicker.

Throw Away If Broken

Even if it’s just a little crack or blemish on the inside of the glass, glass toys aren’t safe to use once broken. If you suspect that your toy has been broken in any way, make sure you throw it away and buy a new one. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and just like a cracked windshield, you don’t know when that crack’s going to spread.


Our Favorites

We’re big fans of anything by Don Wands. Their Pink Deluxe Mushroom is a favorite from my own personal toy box, and I can’t wait to make my next big buy. Check out all of our wonderful glass toys!

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