HELP! There’s Something Wrong With My Toy!


Hey, sometimes things happen. If you have a complaint about your order, we’re happy to hear it and figure out what we can do to serve you better.

But to save you some trouble, here, in no particular order, are five complaints we see now and again, and how you can fix them. If you have a question that isn’t listed on here, get in contact with us and we’ll see what we can do.

1. I think I’m having an allergic reaction to my toy! Help!

This may be obvious, but stop using that toy immediately! If you feel any discomfort, burning, itching, or any other sensation that feels unnatural, you could have an allergy to the material that the toy is made out of. The first thing you need to do is figure out what you’re allergic to. Are you using a lube with that toy? Is it a new one? Are you using a condom on that toy? Is it latex?

Some toys are made with latex and can cause a reaction. Try switching to a toy that’s made of metal, glass, or silicone instead. If you have allergies already and are looking to buy your first toy, consider those options first to avoid having a problem once you bring your new friend home.

2. This toy isn’t strong enough.

Before purchasing any toy, make sure you read plenty of reviews. The problem with sex toys is that everyone has different amounts of sensation that they can stand down there. What might be not enough for someone might be too much for someone else. We post every review we get for our toys, good or bad, on that toy’s page so that you can get the full-spectrum of the toy’s capabilities and judge according to what your own limits are.

3. These batteries don’t last very long.

Most toys that are powered by something less than AAA batteries probably won’t last much longer than twenty-thirty minutes. Our Vibrating Johnnies are an example of that. You can prolong any toy’s battery life by removing the batteries when you’re done playing with it as a part of your cleaning routine. This way, it won’t zap the life out of them when it’s off and it won’t get accidentally turned on.

4. What type of battery does my toy take?

You can look on our website to find that out. Every toy’s specific page should list what batteries it takes. We also sell batteries.

5. This toy is defective/I was shipped the incorrect product!

If, for some reason, you think that your toy might have been harmed during shipping or accidentally shipped broken, call our customer service representative (M-F, 8AM-4PM EST)  within 48 hours of receiving your purchase and we will do what we can to get you a working toy. For information on that process, please check out our return guidelines.

If your questions weren’t answered, or you need to get ahold of us, here’s our contact information:

Contact us by phone:

Toll Free: 1-(877) 246-9745

Tampa – (813) 885-4500

New York – (646) 290-8007

Chicago – (312) 224-8485

San Francisco – (415) 738-2351

Fax – (727) 329-8719

For US Mail, write to:


PO BOX 2464

PINELLAS PARK, FL 33780-2464

Or, use this form to get ahold of us!

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