Dame Products Launches Hands-Free Clitoral Vibrator

handsfreevibeplansThis hand-free vibrator popped up on my feed recently and I have to say, I’m crazy excited to see this thing in action.

It’s called the Eva and it’s buy an awesome start-up called Dame Products. Dame is funding their first enterprise via an IndieGoGo campaign, which means that you can get in on making this awesome new product a reality.


Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman look like the sort of women you’d be friends with, except they’re actually behind the design and creation of the Eva. Fine studied clinical psychology and sex therapy at Columbia University, and Lieberman, who built the product, studied mechanical engineering at MIT!

The best part about this is that you can use it with a partner and not have to worry about dealing with the sex toy tango. Gone are the days of bullet misplacement, of dropping your Magic Wand due to lubed up hands, of having to handle two or three vibes and dildos at a time. If your partner has a penis, there’s a good chance they’ll benefit from the vibration during penetration as well. That’s right. It fits nice and snug against your clit, you can still have comfortable penetration!

I’ve long said that if I could get a vibrator that was powered by bike pedals, I’d be a lot more fit. There are hands-free vibrators out there (as well as vibrating panties), but they involve a lot of coordination. This one, which reminds me of a bluetooth headset (discretion!), is even easier than that. You squeeze it, you put it in and turn it on, and it does all the work for you, as this handy and adorable guide shows:


The biggest concern critics are having is the size. Vaginal topography varies greatly from woman-to-woman. The IndieGoGo campaign page set up by the founders (they’ve already more than met their goal, but you can still donate to get one of the first ones on the market!) acknowledges this, calling it a, “One-Size Fits Most.”

Perhaps the additional funding will explore some other sizes.

For now, I think this is a step in the right direction in terms of vibrator technology. Judging by the search results on this blog and the popularity of our Hands-Free Masturbation articles for women, this is what you want.


Would you use this handless vibrator? I would try it out in a heartbeat, although I don’t know if it would be the best choice for me. I tend to gravitate towards smaller clitoral vibes, like the Lover’s Power Bullet or the MegaMite, but I can’t wait to get my mitts on one of these suckers.


[Images via IndieGoGo.]



Product Review: Je T’aime All Natural

When I first opened the box for Je T’aime All Natural lubricant, I was surprised by how fancy the bottle was. “Wow, Spicy Gear Girl, you’ve really hit the big time lube reviews!” I said to myself.


This pump-style, 3.38 oz (100ml) bottle looks like hair mousse from a fancy salon. The kind with accents over the letters in its name. I wouldn’t feel bad leaving it out on my bathroom sink when my dad comes to visit. Apart from the, “Sensual Lubricant,” in tiny, tiny letters beneath the name, you really can’t tell what this product is meant for.

And don’t let that fanciness scare you off. This lube is inexpensive. Our smaller bottle only runs you $10.99.

This lube is water-based, but I thought at first that it came from silicone. That’s how good it is. It didn’t bother my normally sensitive skin, and this is a big deal. My skin normally HATES water-based lubes, and all of my favorites are silicone-based. But I got this stuff all over the place and what do you know? No breakouts, no itching.

And the taste? This isn’t really meant to be a flavored lube, but it has a strange sweetness to it. I want to say it almost has a citrusy flavor to it as well, but I can’t really put my finger on it. Anyway, it changed my opinion on using only specifically flavored lubes (like WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry) for oral sex. And it’s vagina friendly (as you will read below), so it’s perfectly safe for cunnilingus!

They even have a gorgeous ads!

Email Wall - JeT'aime - Marketing Poster - 11 x 17

I decided to go ahead and take a look at each and every single one of the ingredients in this lube, since it had some that I’ve never actually heard of. Here’s what I found:

Deionized water – water without ions. About as close to pure H2O as you can feasibly get.

Propanediol – now, the box says this has propanediol in it, which, as far as our expert research skills can tell us, means one of three chemicals. Our guess is that it’s just propylene glycol. We’ve mentioned before that propylene glycol in lubes can sometimes cause dermatitis, or eczema, which means that this lube doesn’t make our list of safe lubes for sensitive skin. But if you haven’t had a reaction to it before, you’re probably just fine using it now.

Xylitol – a vagina-safe sweetener. This sugar alcohol has about the same sweetness as sucrose and has no levels of toxicity to humans. However, it can be very dangerous to dogs, so don’t leave this out where Fido can get ahold of it.

Gluconolactone – Considered to be a skin-conditioner, this chemical is used to keep skin healthy and keep the lube from getting clumpy. It is not known to have any adverse reactions in humans, and is used in a lot of organic and all-natural skin care products.

Sodium Benzoate – A preservative. It’s not known to be toxic or have any adverse reaction to humans, although in massive quantities, it’s thought to be responsible for hyperactive behavior. Given the tiny amount in this lube, that shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Carrageenan – a thickening gel, which is obtained from seaweed. This is considered a good vegan/vegetarian alternative to gelatin, and is even organic-approved. Supposedly, it also can slow the infection rate of HSV, HPV, and HIV, but don’t use it solely for that purpose! The best way to prevent those diseases from spreading is by being tested regularly and wearing a condom. We paired this lube with the new Durex Real Feel Polyisoprene condoms to great effect!


Aloe Barbadensis – this aloe leaves behind a cooling feeling. Unlike some aloe products, it’s not super strong, so don’t rely on this lube to soothe anal, or other painful sex.

Final Verdict

Je T’aime? Je l’aime ce lubrifiant! This is my new favorite water-based lube. It’s great for toys, condom-safe, amazing for vaginal sex, it tastes wonderful, and unless you’ve already had a reaction to propylene glycol, it’s perfectly safe for sensitive skin, unlike many other water-based lubes out there. Plus, the bottle is CRAZY fancy.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Tremendously Titillating Toys for Tits

Nipples. You know what’s great about them? Everybody’s got ‘em.

Nerve-rich nipples are a great means of visual stimulation and are the perfect nubby duo for foreplay, no matter which gender or sexuality you possess. All sex-loving folks are included in the teat tonguing and nip nibbling goodness. Talk about an all-inclusive erogenous zone!

Nipple toys can be used on yourself during masturbation or during sex or can used on your partner for some light bondage. Simply adorn some nipple sexessories and you’ll feel like your (or their) nipples are smiling.

Nips are so sensitive and responsive to their environment, that some people can even have boobgasms. Experimentation is key to this o-tastic accomplishment, and these products are very helpful in this glorious sexual achievement.

Vibrating Nipple Arousers:


Sure, you can use a traditional vibrator or clitoral vibrator on nipples for extra sensations. But why would you, when there are specially designed nipple arousers like the ones pictured below? Not only do they feel absolutely amazing, they can be used on any size of nipple, from puny to poke-your-eyes-out, and they add an exotic element to any ordinary evening with your partner(s). Unlike a vibrating dildo, these boob-quaking babies attach firmly to the nipple, so they are hands-free, and are all priced at under $35. To find out more, click the links for more information about each product.

Butterfly Nipple Arousers

Vibrating Nipple Clamps


Foreplay Nipple Arousers

Dr. Z Nipple Pleaser

Nipple Clamps and Weights:

If you’re in a pinch (hardee har har) clothes pins and some fishing weights are options for DIY weighted nipple clamps, but they aren’t exactly stylin’.

A much better option for the eyes are our Weighted Nipple Clamps. They won’t tarnish, they look like an awesome industrial chain harness, and they are very reasonably priced at only $15.99. so, go on and give ‘em the clamps!

Brrrrrrrrras Can’t Hide these Rock Hard Nips:

Is it just me or is it cold in here? Feelin’ a tad bit nipply!

Temperature play is a great way to spice things up and freeze away the stress of the day. A simple ice cube in the mouth and some suckling can do wonders for these perky little erasers we all love to love. Hint: alternate blowing hot air and cold licks for the best of both worlds.

Clitoral stimulating gels like WET WoW or WET Ecstasy can also create a cool tingle, which will surely get a rigid rise (or two) out of the receptive partner. So, strap on your sports bra and slide on into second base, ‘cause stiff and sensitive nipples await!

How To: (Safely) Suppress the Gag Reflex

The enemy of every blow job-lover seems to be the nefarious gag reflex. I feel like every day, someone has an entirely new idea on how to suppress that handy little spasm that prevents us from choking.


The gag reflex is also called the pharyngeal reflex. And it’s not just caused when the throat is irritated. It can also be caused by the back of the tongue, the tonsils, or even the roof of your mouth. It mostly just depends on where you are sensitive.

As many as one third of people don’t even have a gag reflex. But for those of us who do, how do we give a satisfying blow job without that so unsexy cough (and potential vomit)?

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite ways to suppress the gag reflex!

1. Oral gel (or other numbing agents)


Once upon a time, I did a review of PJur Anaylse Me! Anal Spray  (read the review here!) and for part of that, I sprayed that delightful little spray in my mouth to judge the taste. I learned two things from that: it actually tasted pretty good, and it numbed the ever-living daylights out of my mouth.

A lot of sites suggest using Oragel for numbing your mouth, and while I confess I’ve never tried that, the Analyse Me! Anal Spray could work just as well for oral as with anal. And it doesn’t even taste that bad. Aim it for the back of your throat and try not to get it all over you lips or tongue.

You will also want to beware of getting this on your partner’s penis, since it could numb their junk and make it difficult for them to orgasm.

2. Thumb Trick

Image via Lifehacks.

Image via Lifehacks.

The story goes, you make a fist and put your thumb in it. You then squeeze your thumb tightly in your fist and voila! No gag reflex!

I decided to give this one a go and surprisingly– it actually kind of worked. Kind of. I don’t think there was any mysterious pressure point business going on or anything, but I think that by focusing on squeezing my thumb, I wasn’t to worried about my gag reflex and it didn’t seem to be such a big issue, in the same way that people seem to think listening to music distracts you enough to not gag. Use with precaution!

3. Practice with a toothbrush.

Photo via rgbstock.

Photo via rgbstock.

This is the one that I am the most wary about because it’s the one that’s most likely to end in injury. While a toothbrush does belong in your mouth (as opposed to other objects what people have recommended), intentionally gagging yourself can be a little dangerous, so do this at your own risk.

The method seems to be desensitizing yourself by poking various parts of your mouth further and further back. It’s crucial to start as close to the front as possible, though, so you don’t hurt yourself. And don’t be in a rush. This could be a skill that develops over a long period of time.

4. Hum

Photo via rgbstock.

Photo via rgbstock.

Urban Dictionary defines a hummer as a blowjob where the giving partner hums, to achieve the same effect as a vibrating pocket pussy (like our crowd pleaser, the Vibrating Sleeve). Well, if you’re wondering how on earth people came up with that idea, it could be because it’s really hard to gag when you’re humming a cheery little ditty. Imagine that! Just remember to breathe through your nose, otherwise you’ll have so much stuff going on, it might be difficult to breathe.

5. Know the Situation

Image via rgbstock.

Image via rgbstock.

For some reason, people are more likely to gag when it’s morning than when it’s later in the day. They’re also more likely to gag when they’re drunk. Avoid situations where you’re not feeling so hot, or when it’s too early during the day and you could avoid being all gaggy without having to resort to any strange tricks.

6. Be Safe!


For some people, the idea of having an actual penis might really gross them out. Consider having your partner wear a condom to put a barrier between yourself and the penis if this is going to contribute to your discomfort. It will also keep you free of oral STDs if that’s an issue! Our favorite oral condoms? Lifestyles Fun Bumps and Durex Tropical!

VIDEO: If Buying Condoms Was Like Buying Birth Control

Have you seen this yet? If you haven’t, take a seat. It’s not very long but it makes a great point.

It uses parody to change the perspective on the purchase of birth control. A young man awkwardly asks his father if he can see his, ‘man doctor,’ then receives an uncomfortable examination from a female doctor, then has to go through the embarrassment and financial strain of obtaining his prescription without insurance.

Wow, who would ever want to go through all of that to remain baby-free?


Now, we’re not saying that it’s not embarrassing to buy condoms. And we’re also not saying this is the way things should be. But for those who don’t have to routinely visit their, ‘woman,’ doctor to get birth control, or wait for the whole mess that is getting a prescription, it could lend them a little insight into the madness of obtaining birth control.

But my favorite part of this video is the father. My mother freaked out the first time I asked for birth control– and it was to control my periods, not because I was having sex. She was open to the idea, but she maintained that I must not tell anyone, not even hint at the fact, because then boys would think I was easy and no one in our community would respect me. In the end, she decided to not take me to see the OB/GYN and took me to get a prescription for extra-strength pain-killers instead, a medication that is vastly more problematic than the mini-pill.

Because she was afraid of what people would think about me using a medication for a medical reason. And even if I wasn’t? The neighbors don’t know what I take to combat my asthma. Why would they need to know about my pill?


One thing we have a minor disagreement with: the video presents visiting a doctor for a prescription as being ridiculous. For condoms, oh yes, it’s very ridiculous. But for birth control? The hormones in birth control aren’t harmful, but a doctor may have good insight on what would work best for you given your health, relationship, and family history. There are like a billion different types of pills, let alone adding the shot, the patch, the ring, the implant, and the IUD to the mix! Even if you’re using hormonal contraception, it’s a good idea to see one regularly to get tested for STDs, no matter what gender you are.

But the main point of the video is sound, and it really shows in the final segment, where the young man realizes that he forgot to fill his prescription and asks his girlfriend to be in charge of their birth control for once.

Remember, everyone in a relationship, no matter if it’s a one night stand or a marriage of many years, is in charge of birth control. Whether it’s condoms, hormonal birth control, or even some of the experimental forms of non-hormonal male birth control being tested, everyone is responsible for staying safe.

Best Butt Plugs

Here at Spicy Gear, we’re anal about anal. So, we asked ourselves, “Which components create the perfect butt plug?”

Well, that all depends of what features you are looking for. Whether you want to play with your prostate in the shower, wear one around the house, vibrate yourself into in an internal orgasm or experience temperature play– our best body plug buying guide can point you in the right direction for your next sex toy purchase.

Concerning Butt Plug Safety


Traditionally, butt plugs are smooth, have a straight shape and are much shorter in length than anal dildos, and can stay in without the assistance of a hand or partner (hands-free). While dildos are meant for movement, butt plugs are designed to stay put– so use them appropriately.

Be sure to note what material your butt plug is made from before lubing up. While silicone-based anal lubes are made to protect the delicate anal lining from microtears during anal play, they may interact with silicone toys and are to be avoided. Alternative like WET Uranus Water-Based are perfect for this silicone-sex-toy-up-the-butt scenario.

Like other toys, butt plugs are not meant to be shared or double dipped from anus to vagina or from anus to mouth. This can transfer bacteria and STDs/STIs from partner to partner or from one area of the body to another. Be sure to clean your butt plug thoroughly before storage with an antibacterial soap, like the ones highlighted in Buyer’s Guide: Best Sex Toy Cleaners.

Butt plugs are specially designed for anal insertion and should always have an extremely flared base to keep the plug from entering into the body and becoming lodged in the digestive tract. Remember, unlike the vagina, which is similar to a pocket, the anus can suck up foreign objects so far into the body that a medical professional is required for removal.

TL;DR Butt Plug Safety Summary:

  1. Do not use silicone-based lube on silicone toys.
  2. Promptly disinfect butt plugs with toy cleaner after each use.
  3. Do not share your plug.
  4. Only use toys meant for anal insertion, which have a flared base.
  5. If you want it to move around a lot inside the anus, buy an anal dildo, not a butt plug.

Best Body-Safe Butt Plugs

These fine butt plugs are body-safe, meaning they are made from nonporous, phthalate-free, non-toxic materials:



  • nJoy Pure Plugs– This non-porous metal pop plug design offers the most body safe and hypoallergenic butt plug experience around and they come in small, medium and large sizes for those who are thinking of upsizing. Plus, since they’re stainless steel, they are safe for use with your favorite silicone or oil-based anal lubricant.


  • Joanna Angel’s Brass Knuckles Butt Plug– Combine toughness, great aesthetic design, practicality and medical grade silicone, and this brass knuckle butt plug is born. Multiple finger openings make this plug extremely easy to insert and remove. A personal favorite of mine, this plug can be boiled or put in the dishwasher for optimal cleanliness after use.


  • Pop Plug Medium– Made by Doc Johnson from firm silicone, this plug’s shape closely resembles that of a candy ring pop. It may appear innocent at first glance, but believe me, this pretty and innocuous looking pastel pink butt plug packs a punch.

Best Inflatable Butt Plug


  • Colt Expandable Butt Plug– Perfect for anal training or discipline training, this latex butt plug with rubber hand pump can be enlarged to your desired size. Inflatables make insertion and removal easier, but still offers the filled up feeling you get from a larger butt plug.

Best Vibrating Butt Plugs



  • Tush Teaser– This porous blue jelly plug is thin and slim with a removal bullet and adjustable vibrations. It’s very quiet for discretion during use, which makes it a wonderful choice for those who have roommates.


  • Vibrating Butt Plug– It’s name may be generic, but this is no ordinary butt plug. If you prefer a stylish and softer plug that also vibrates, than this is the one for you. This porous purple slightly textured butt plug with corded remote for customized vibration intensity during use.

Best Waterproof Butt Plugs


  • Black Rubber Anal Plugs– If you’re interested in trying a simple and flexible rubber butt plug, these black beauties come in small, medium and large sizes which are available for individual purchase. Great for beginners!

Best Kit Containing a Butt Plug


  • Hard Man Tool Kit– This super affordable kit has everything you need for male pleasure and erection enhancement. It contains: a penis pump, a vibrating penis sleeve, 2 erection rings and a 4” vibrating butt plug with a suction cupped base and a battery operated power pack.

Product Review: WET Naturals Beautifully Bare

The first thing I noticed about WET Naturals Beautifully Bare was how cool it felt to the touch. When I looked on the back at the ingredients on the back of the 3.3oz flip-top bottle, it came as no surprise to me that aloe is one of the first ingredients listed.

beautifullybarereviewThe addition of this aloe is startlingly noticeable when compared to the WET Light which I reviewed last week. The aloe meant that it felt great going on, and it even veered towards some mild temperature play with how cold it felt.

One thing to note: while this product is called Beautifully Bare, it does not say so on the front of the bottle. It only says this on the back. The front says, “WET Naturals Sensitive Skin,” now, unlike the above image (I was unable to find an appropriately labeled image). So if you are shipped this product and think that you’ve received the wrong thing, check the back first.

And on that note, this lube is excellent for sensitive skin. Many water-based lubes have to compensate for their lack of thickness by adding in glycerin or parabens as preservatives or emollients. Instead, Beautifully Bare uses only natural ingredients to achieve the same effect.


These natural ingredients also give the lube a slightly sweeter taste. Now, keep in mind, it’s no flavored lube. But if you like using lube for oral sex and you find flavored lubes too overpowering but also don’t want something that smells like a hospital, this might be a good mid-way point. If you like more flavor, check out WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry, from the same line by WET. It’s vagina-friendly and, as you’ll no doubt remember from my review, it tastes like heaven if heaven were made of strawberries.

While it will dry up faster than silicone-based lubricants, it doesn’t leave that nasty, sticky, tacky feeling that other water-based lubes leave behind. Reapplication is easy with the hand grip on the 3.3 oz bottle.

Now, this lube is safe to use anally, but we don’t recommend it. As we’ve said many times, the anus absorbs water, so a silicone-based lube, like WET Naturals Silky Supreme, are preferable, unless you are using a toy that is partially (but not 100%) silicone. Beautifully Bare will do the job, but you’ll be reapplying constantly.

As far as toys and condoms though? This lube is safe for anything. In fact, since it’s water-based, it didn’t even stain our sheets. Perfect!

The closest comparison we can find is Lifestyles Natural Personal Lubricant. In terms of most qualities, the pair run very close, save for two major differences. The Lifestyles lube is cheaper at $7.99 for 3.5 oz (whereas Beautifully Bare is $12.99 for 3.3 oz.) But consumer reviews and sales skew in favor of Beautifully Bare. Sometimes, quality comes at a cost.

Final Verdict

This is a great example of what a water-based lubricant should be. It’s vagina-friendly, it doesn’t have an over-whelming taste or smell, it lasts a fair amount of time, and it feels delightful even after it’s dry.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars


[Image courtesy of rgbstock.]