Dental Dam Review: Trust Oral Dams

Made by Line One Laboratories, the makers of Trustex brand condoms, Trust Oral Dams (formerly known as Lixx Dental Dams) are the best way to for those without a latex allergy to stay safer during oral sex with a vulva or anus.


SpicyGearLogoBeing single, STDs and STIs are a major concern in my life, and because of this I choose to use a latex barrier for all my oral adventures. I’m pretty well versed in flavored condoms, Durex Tropical being my all-time favorite, and flavored lubricants, Swiss Navy Pina Colada being my top pick– but what about these five assorted and hopefully scrumdiddlyumptious Trust Oral Dam flavors? Would they pass the picky taste bud test? I tried them all, for the sake of science.

Assorted Flavors of Trust Oral Dams Include (in descending order from my personal favorite to my least preferred):

  • grape (purple)
  • vanilla (blue)
  • strawberry (pink)
  • mint (green)
  • banana (yellow)

Designed to take enthusiastic licking and keep on ticking, these 6” x 10” (152.4mm x 254mm) Trust Oral Dams are see-through and skin-like as a dental dam can get. They’re completely safe for use with water and silicone-based lubricants, which I recommend using on the anal region and vaginal area prior to laying the dental dam in place. Like a latex condom, oil-based lubricants will compromise the integrity of the material and increase the likelihood of rips or tears– leaving you both exposed to bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic transfer.

Not sure how exactly to use a dental dam? That’s OK! We’ve got an in-depth and informative article for you to learn the in’s and out’s of How-To: Use a Dental Dam.

For rim jobs, salad tossing, playing the rusty trombone and earning your brown wings (or anilingus for those technical folks)– these dental dams are a cinch to use and offer a unique stimulation for the anus without the risk of e.Coli, hepatitis or worm transfer (yes, these things really do happen) either into the mouth or by being spread to the urinary tract or vagina where it can cause an infection.

Speaking of which, these are one-time-use-only, folks. And, each person needs to use their own dam– no sharing. Think of it as an oral condom. Tongue ‘n toss in the trash. Done. Safe and satisfied! And, much like a condom, they have an expiration date listed on the packaging and should be stored in a cool, dry place– like in a nightstand. The sealed bag they come in is 3.25″ x 5.25″ (82.6mm x 133.4mm) and can easily be slipped in a bag or purse away from any sharp objects for oral on the go.

I like to mark one side of the dam with a Sharpie, so I can easily keep track of which side has been in contact with the anus or vagina. It’s just an extra security measure I like to take since each side looks exactly the same. I just put a little X in the corner and go to town!


The only thing I tend to struggle a bit with while using dental dams in general is keeping them securely in place, hence the X. You know how it is– pelvic thrusting, grinding and bucking can cause a dental dam to end up everywhere except where it should be– covering the vulva and/or anal region. For this reason, and again for safety’s sake, I also wear some super sexy black latex gloves, which give me an infinitely better grip on the situation. Plus, once the licking is complete, the gloves are already in place for some good ol’ fashioned finger-banging. Sweet!

Trust Oral Dams are also great for keeping fresh body piercing from becoming contaminated during oral adventures. Read more about genital piercings and safer sex here.


Final Verdict:

I could finally relax and not feel like I need to rush off to the clinic after getting and giving oral sex. The incredible silky smooth softness of the latex of these Trust Oral Dams feels as fantastic as it tastes and smells while keeping everyone involved out of harm’s way.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

What Spicy Gear Customers are Saying:

5-Stars: “This product enabled me to safely rim my boyfriend for the first time. The dams taste great, and stay in place. Also, they’re less expensive than dental dams from other sites. What more could you want?” Shimmy – New York, NY

5-Stars: “I will admit, its foreign food down there ;) I tried these dental dams out and they made it fun and turned me on really fast. Because I wasn’t thinking about the taste or smell. Also they are like training wheels. ;) wink wink.” Dave – Pleasant Grove, Utah

5-Stars: “If you or your partner are shy, this helps a lot and the sensation is excellent.” Will – Brownsville, TX

Product Review: Liquid V for Women

Liquid V For Women comes in a very tiny, very inconspicuous bottle. But for the price, it sure packs a punch. If you have trouble getting aroused, or have issues with sensitivity, this stuff will be enough to send you spiraling into orgasms.

This gel works surprisingly similar to Swiss Navy’s 2-in-1 His and Her gel combo, as well as their 2-in-1 Just for Her product. After an unfortunate experience with WET Wow which involved way too much stimulation for yours truly, I’m always super nervous about applying these stimulating gels. But like the two Swiss Navy products, this one wasn’t so bad. It was much more mild than the WET Wow, which was good for me, but still strong enough to get me going and keep me going.


Liquid V for Women works by increasing the blood flow to the applied spot. Putting it on the inside of my arm, for instance, made my skin feel very sensitive and soft. When applied to the clitoris, the blood means you’ll feel more and be more aroused.

And don’t worry, those of you with penises– there is a Liquid V for Men as well, although to be perfectly honest, my partner and I used this one on him and he had remarkably good results. They have the same exact ingredients after all, so there’s no real sense in ordering one over the other– save that at the current time, the one for women is the slightest bit cheaper.

It didn’t occur to me at the time, but this might be a good thing for those of you who have trouble feeling much with condoms. Since it is condom safe, place a drop or two of Liquid V on the penis before putting the condom on, or on the inside of the condom and see if that enhances your feeling. I’m going to try it out on my partner during our next rendezvous and will report back my results! Let us know on our Tumblr if you tried it too!

This gel does have a very minty tingle to the scent and the feeling of it, but I didn’t find the taste to be super strong, which is ok, because you can totally use it with a flavored lube. In fact, you can use it with whatever lube you’d like, and we’d really recommend that. It may be sold under our lubricant label, but it is more of a stimulating gel and shouldn’t be used for lube. That’s why it comes in such a tiny bottle– you only need a drop to last your entire session.

I would recommend getting this gel open long before getting down in the bedroom. It comes with a plastic seal over it that was frankly really difficult to peel apart. I had to get the scissors out! But after getting that and the screw cap off, the gel comes out of a sort of super-glue type opening, which means you won’t be spilling it or getting it anywhere you don’t want to.

The tiny bottle, however, it great for keeping in a purse or a backpack. You could even put it in whatever you choose to keep your condoms in. If you get your loving on the go, it’s a far more handy alternative to the above Swiss Navy products.

This product does have parabens in it, two of them, in fact: methylparaben and propylparaben. Many health professionals do not recommend using parabens, but the information on the dangers they could pose are a little inconclusive at this point, so use at your own discretion.


Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict

For someone looking for a midway point between WET Wow and the Swiss Navy 2-in-1 products, Liquid V for Women is a great choice. It’s not too intense, but it’ll give you that extra boost you need to send you over the edge.


Our Favorite Pegging Toys

Pegging is, by far, the most popular topic on our Spicy Gear Blog.


You guys sure love your strap-ons, and we do, too. In fact, we love them so much, we sure had a difficult time whittling down our favorites for this list. But after being put to the test, these five toys were the ones that made the cut.


With a bright red silicone dildo mounted on a red nylon heart, you’ll give your heart to the Heart Harness with Silicone Dildo immediately. This toy is shaped with a slight curve, which means it’s going to be perfect for hitting either a G-spot or a prostate.

The dildo only has a one inch diameter, so it’s perfect for beginners, but it’s five inches long, so you know it’s going to hit that special spot no matter what.


If you need something longer but aren’t sure about the girth just yet, check out Gina Lynn’s Pink Harness with Stud. It may come with a cherry red dildo that’s a whole seven inches long, but the snap-fittings around the hole will fit most dongs. So don’t be afraid to switch it up with this harness! Use a favorite toy, or pick a brand new one from our first class line. The choice is yours.


If medium size is more your jam, you’ll want to look into our Pleasure Strap-On. Now, I have to be honest: we currently have the wrong photo on the website. It looks nothing like that giant blue cone! We’re working with IT to fix that. But it actually looks like the toy above, including that lovely, dark purple dildo and the crotchless, leather panties. You know we love leather, and these panties really set us over the edge. Just be warned– while this dong is a bit short, it’s nice and fat, at 5 1/2 inches around. Yum!


For people looking for something even larger, our longest AND fattest strap-on is the Vaculoc Ultra Harness 2 (Set 3). Personally, I love the saggy balls on this toy. They’re super realistic with an extra dash of sexy. This dildo is 8″ x 2,” which is just enough to fill up even the most insatiable. For more ginormous goodies, check out these 5 Best Dildos for Size Queens.



And if you’re looking for something extra special, that even comes with a vibrating version: the Vaculoc Ultra Harness 2 (Set 7). It is almost identical to the toy above, except there is a remote-controlled vibrator in the tip of the dong. There are smaller versions of both this and the Set 3 (above) as well, but these two were the ones that made our list.

Remember, if being pegged is a little too intimidating at first, there’s no shame in starting with something smaller and more easy for your partner to manipulate. We have plenty of prostate massagers, butt plugs and other anal toys, and you can even read our Introduction to Anal Toys for more tips and suggestions.

Lube Review: WET Synergy + Cool Tingle

WET Synergy is one of my favorite lubes. And with a wintery chill in the air, you know that I wanted up the ante on my lovemaking sessions with WET Synergy + Cool Tingle.


To start off, let’s talk about the awesomeness that is WET Synergy. WET had the great idea of combining water and silicone-based lubricants into one, wonderful, super lube. This means that this lube is both toy and condom safe, and it has the best qualities of both lube types.

Cool Tingle is marketed as the companion to WET Synergy + Warming, which as you can probably tell by the name, is a warming lube. Much like the Trojan Fire & Ice condoms, you can use these lubes together with a partner for a temperature play experience.

The first big thing we need to talk about is the feeling. This lube starts out thick and goopy, and not as silky as other WET lubes. With some vigorous rubbing, it softens up and supplies that nice, slick loveliness that you’re used to with other WET products. My partner and I couldn’t wait though, so we ended up combining it with some of WET’s Silky Supreme to jumpstart our trip into super slip n’slide. But for having Synergy in the name, I was expecting a little more out of the feeling, so that was a little disappointing.


My partner didn’t feel the cool tingle of the menthol all that much until I blew on it while it was on his skin. But for me? It was pretty intense without even trying. Not a bad intense, but it did send me shivering under the covers, which gave my partner ample excuse to warm me up.

The taste is more of a bitter menthol than the sweet peppermint of Swiss Navy’s Candy Cane flavored lube. The smell, too, is very strong, but I like adding that minty scent to my bedroom sessions, so I couldn’t complain.

Now, since the taste is not super sweet, you may be surprised to find that there is glycerin in this lube. Our friends over at the Condom Depot Learning Center have an excellent list about the ingredients listed on this lube, but the glycerin is a personal concern of mine. Putting these sugars into a vagina could put you at risk for a gnarly yeast infection, especially if you’re prone to getting such an infection. One of my fellow co-workers here at Spicy Gear had this exact problem with this exact lube which made her decide to steer clear of it. For me, it wasn’t a concern, so use at your own risk, especially if you have sensitive skin.

I was given the 3.3 oz. bottle to test out, and much like other 3.3 oz. bottles by WET, it comes with a flip top which makes pouring super easy and a no-slip grip which makes handling it, even with lubed up fingers, easy as peppermint pie. I gotta say, it looks great with the rest of my WET lube collection.


Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

The Synergy in WET’s Synergy + Cool Tingle was a little more disappointing than it ought to have been, but the tingles made up for it. If you can get over the glycerin, I’d still suggest mixing it with a silicone lube to make it even more slippery.

What are our customers saying?

5 stars: I love trying out new lubes, and normally I don’t try hybrid lubes, because they tend to still be sticky and dry out too quick like the water-based lube. I sampled this in the 1.9oz bottle which is small. It looks like a somewhat thick gel when it goes in your hand, but a few secs after you start using it, it feels really wet and fun. I cannot tell there is any silicone in this, even though there is. Good thing is that it really does last a long time, and washes off pretty easy. You can have a lot of freakin’ fun with this stuff, so I definitely recommend it for going solo. If you plan to use it for vaginal or anal play………it’s definitely good for those too. I’m about to get myself 3 more bottles of this stuff now. Have fun guys. — dj247365, Chicago, IL

3 stars: This lube is thick and does not really act as a lube. It gives about the same affect as if I were to try using lotion as lubricant which starts out thick and only slightly provides a frictionless surface. 

Maybe I am too used to the smooth glide wet premium silicone lube provides but this is really useless as a lube. The menthol feeling was nice but I found this lube highly disappointing. :(

Note: I have used nothing but wet premium silicone lubricant for the past year so I can’t really remember what a water based lube is suppose to be like. — B, Alto Loma, California’s Holiday Shipping Policy

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7 Things They Didn’t Teach Us in Sex Ed (but They Should Have)


Sex educators the world over have long had issues with the way schools present sex education to their students. While we get that it can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, sex ed is a very important topic in schools. It can even save lives. Here’s our shortlist of the things we wish we’d learned back when we were in school.

1. Sex Toys Are a Safe and Acceptable Way to Experience Sexuality.


All the time, we get calls from men and women who are very embarrassed to be speaking to someone who works for a sex toy store. As if toys aren’t a very important part of our daily lives. I mean, they pay my bills. But I still have 100% anonymous people tell me daily, “I don’t normally shop at places like this!” as though they think I’m going to judge them. Please!

No one can deny that there’s a stigma about buying sex toys. But masturbation–and using things besides our hands to do so– is a perfectly healthy expression of sexuality.

Whether you’re buying a pocket pussy or a dildo, an erection ring, or a butt plug, everyone is entitled to enjoy what they enjoy in their private life. But not talking about it can lead to misinformation which can be potentially dangerous, such as using toys with toxic materials, or using dangerous items that aren’t meant to be used as sex toys.

2. Lube Is a Glorious Invention.

Image via rgbstock.

Apart from the KY Jelly commercials on TV when I was growing up, I’d never even really heard of lube until I became sexually active! And I’d thought it was only for women with moisture problems, which was not me. So when my partner pulled out some of Pjur’s Original Body Glide, I was a little confused and perhaps even insulted.

Of course, that reaction changed very quickly once I realized the importance of proper lubrication. Seriously, why wasn’t this stuff mentioned in sex ed? Not only is lube a lot of fun, it’s also an important facet of sexual safety. It’s a freaking necessity to prevent tears and tears (or tears and tears) during anal. Plus, some lubes even have antiseptic ingredients, which can kill viruses and potentially prevent the spread of STDs. Who knew?

3. Finding the Right Condom Is like Coming Home.


Raise your hand if you don’t like condoms. Chances are that if you raised your hand, you haven’t found the right condom. Maybe you know about ribs and studs and flavors, but did you know that condoms come in different sizes? With different thicknesses and made of different materials? Not every condom is the same.

There’s a condom out there for you. And if you use a loathing of condoms as a reason to practice unsafe sexual habits, you probably haven’t tried enough of them to figure out which one is best for you. But that’s why we sell condom samplers, like our famous World’s Best Condom Tin. Try as many as you can, and take a little extra pleasure in knowing that you’re protecting your safety while exploring your pleasure.

4. Queer Sex Education Is Important Too.

Image via

Like, was that even a topic for you in your sex ed class? It certainly wasn’t in mine. And when I started to question my sexuality, the omission of anything not heteronormative made me think what I was feeling was wrong, even though it wasn’t something that I could control.

Sex ed happens right around the time when kids are starting to figure out who they are, and it’s also the prime time for bullying those that don’t conform to the norm. Bringing up queer issues during sex ed will make kids realize their questions are a normal, healthy process of figuring out their identity, not something to be ashamed of.

And, of course, it will lead to queer kids making safer sexual choices for themselves, such as using condoms and dental dams, toy safety, getting tested for STDs, making safe dating choices, and even knowing if they’re asexual. Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their identity.

5. No Always Means No.

Image via

I remember hearing that no means no in my sex ed class. And that seemed pretty sufficient at the time. But when I started dating someone, I finally realized that such a lovely mantra isn’t just about penetration. What if you’ve said yes to sex before but don’t want to anymore? What if you’re in a long-term relationship? What if that person doesn’t want to wear a condom, or wants to engage in a kink that you feel uncomfortable with? All of those are acceptable reasons to say no, but we don’t really ever hear about them from those responsible for teaching us about safe sex.

6. The Hymen Myth — and Why Sex Doesn’t Have to Hurt…


I’ve written about this extensively in my article Five Myths and Facts About Virginity, but everyone’s first time is different, especially for those born with vaginas. There’s certain prevailing myths in our culture that can be particularly harmful for people of all genders.

There’s long been issues with anatomy facts in American sex ed and we get it. It can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss with giggling school kids. But that’s why we have sex ed– because it removes discomfort by making these topics open for discussion.

7. …But Sometimes It’s Nice When It Does.


Kinks are a part of sexuality and for many, a very important part. It’s not something we should feel ashamed of, so long as all parties are consenting and we’re in a safe environment. With the recent resurgence of BDSM in popular culture, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear more mentions of kink lifestyles in sex ed, but we won’t hold our breath for pegging tutorials. Just a simple mention of the wide variety of ways consenting adults can express themselves to the people they’re in a sexual relationship with would be enough.

Lube Review: Durex Assorted Temptations

If you’re not sure what kind of lube you prefer, or if you like to have lube for oral sex, masturbation and penetrative sex all in one box– look no further because the Durex Play Assorted Temptations lubricant variety pack has it all!


Aside from experimenting, this non-staining, water-based lube pack is also extremely well-suited for those who hate to store sticky lube bottles and for people who need to discreetly store or travel with personal lubricants. The entire box of condom-safe lubes measures in at a measly 2.25” x 3.5,” and it easily slipped into my mini-backpack for travel.

This awesome lil’ lube box is only $6.99 for ten assorted single-use packets, each of which contain 0.17 fl oz. (5ml). For this review, I went full-on Durex, using these fantastic individually packaged lubes with my Durex Pleasure Pack of assorted condoms and my Durex Ring of Bliss vibrating ring. So. Much. Durex.


Inside this adorable (even my partner remarked on it’s irresistible cuteness) and super easy-to-travel-with plastic box I found two of each of these amazing Durex Play lubes: Play Warmer, Play Tingling, Play Soothing, Play Pina Colada and Play Cherry. They can be used on their own, or mixed together for a customized lube cocktail.

Unlike Durex condoms, each easy-to-open lube packet is clearly labeled and color coded, so you can easily and quickly grab the lube of your choice. They also have full lube ingredient listings and expiration dates on the back of each foil pack, so it’s very simple to determine what’s in them, and what’s not. Nice!

Durex Play Warmer

Hot enough for ya? It will be with Play Warmer! If you’ve yet to try a warming lube, this is a great place to start. More subtle than other warming lubes I’ve tried, this allowed us to get hot n’ heavy without feeling any searing or burning sensations. I put a few temperature-raising drops inside the Durex Extra Sensitive condom from our Durex Pleasure Pack, and it mimicked the natural vaginal heat that’s felt when going bareback.

Durex Play Tingling


As if the Durex Ring of Bliss isn’t blissful enough on its own, I applied a small drop of Play Tingling to my clitoris as a sort of cooling clitoral stimulation gel, like Liquid V for Women. Whew! Not only was my U-Spot tingling, the rest of my body was all a-twitter from this powerful tingle-causing lube.

Durex Play Soothing


Play Soothing is a sweet smelling and, dare I say tranquil-feeling, lube. I attribute this calming, mind-body-and-soul appeasing, gel-like coating to this natural botanical ingredient: aloe leaf juice. This particular lube is also glycerine-free, making this the most vagina-friendly lube in the variety pack.

Durex Play Pina Colada


Want to take a trip to the tropics without leaving the house? Dying to fulfill that pool boy fantasy? Play Pina Colada is a flavored paradise that can whisk your taste buds away to a far and distant land full of coconuts, pineapple and sunshine! We paired it with a Durex Tropical condom we found in the Durex Pleasure Pack, and let me tell you, this trip south of the equator was as delicious as a Tropical Smoothie. Need a larger-sized dose of Pina goodness? Try Swiss Navy’s Pina Colada lube!

Durex Play Cherry

cherrypairIt’s not the pits– this ultra-fruity Play Cherry lubricant is as cherry-riffic as it gets! The smell, the taste, the feel, it’s all very, very good. So go on, show off those sexy stems and cherry-pick this lube up for your next oral adventure! If you want a whole bowl of cherries, Swiss Navy’s Very Wild Cherry flavored lubricant comes in a larger size.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

I simply adore this Durex Play Assorted Temptations lubricant variety pack. For me, its low price, convenience and attractive and petite packaging makes buying this all-inclusive Play lube set a no brainer. Using it with the diverse Durex Pleasure Pack of condoms made our oral and vaginal sex jam-packed with assorted positive sensory perceptions and sensations– and we’re both very tempted to do it again and again.