VIDEO: If Buying Condoms Was Like Buying Birth Control

Have you seen this yet? If you haven’t, take a seat. It’s not very long but it makes a great point.

It uses parody to change the perspective on the purchase of birth control. A young man awkwardly asks his father if he can see his, ‘man doctor,’ then receives an uncomfortable examination from a female doctor, then has to go through the embarrassment and financial strain of obtaining his prescription without insurance.

Wow, who would ever want to go through all of that to remain baby-free?


Now, we’re not saying that it’s not embarrassing to buy condoms. And we’re also not saying this is the way things should be. But for those who don’t have to routinely visit their, ‘woman,’ doctor to get birth control, or wait for the whole mess that is getting a prescription, it could lend them a little insight into the madness of obtaining birth control.

But my favorite part of this video is the father. My mother freaked out the first time I asked for birth control– and it was to control my periods, not because I was having sex. She was open to the idea, but she maintained that I must not tell anyone, not even hint at the fact, because then boys would think I was easy and no one in our community would respect me. In the end, she decided to not take me to see the OB/GYN and took me to get a prescription for extra-strength pain-killers instead, a medication that is vastly more problematic than the mini-pill.

Because she was afraid of what people would think about me using a medication for a medical reason. And even if I wasn’t? The neighbors don’t know what I take to combat my asthma. Why would they need to know about my pill?


One thing we have a minor disagreement with: the video presents visiting a doctor for a prescription as being ridiculous. For condoms, oh yes, it’s very ridiculous. But for birth control? The hormones in birth control aren’t harmful, but a doctor may have good insight on what would work best for you given your health, relationship, and family history. There are like a billion different types of pills, let alone adding the shot, the patch, the ring, the implant, and the IUD to the mix! Even if you’re using hormonal contraception, it’s a good idea to see one regularly to get tested for STDs, no matter what gender you are.

But the main point of the video is sound, and it really shows in the final segment, where the young man realizes that he forgot to fill his prescription and asks his girlfriend to be in charge of their birth control for once.

Remember, everyone in a relationship, no matter if it’s a one night stand or a marriage of many years, is in charge of birth control. Whether it’s condoms, hormonal birth control, or even some of the experimental forms of non-hormonal male birth control being tested, everyone is responsible for staying safe.

Best Butt Plugs

Here at Spicy Gear, we’re anal about anal. So, we asked ourselves, “Which components create the perfect butt plug?”

Well, that all depends of what features you are looking for. Whether you want to play with your prostate in the shower, wear one around the house, vibrate yourself into in an internal orgasm or experience temperature play– our best body plug buying guide can point you in the right direction for your next sex toy purchase.

Concerning Butt Plug Safety


Traditionally, butt plugs are smooth, have a straight shape and are much shorter in length than anal dildos, and can stay in without the assistance of a hand or partner (hands-free). While dildos are meant for movement, butt plugs are designed to stay put– so use them appropriately.

Be sure to note what material your butt plug is made from before lubing up. While silicone-based anal lubes are made to protect the delicate anal lining from microtears during anal play, they may interact with silicone toys and are to be avoided. Alternative like WET Uranus Water-Based are perfect for this silicone-sex-toy-up-the-butt scenario.

Like other toys, butt plugs are not meant to be shared or double dipped from anus to vagina or from anus to mouth. This can transfer bacteria and STDs/STIs from partner to partner or from one area of the body to another. Be sure to clean your butt plug thoroughly before storage with an antibacterial soap, like the ones highlighted in Buyer’s Guide: Best Sex Toy Cleaners.

Butt plugs are specially designed for anal insertion and should always have an extremely flared base to keep the plug from entering into the body and becoming lodged in the digestive tract. Remember, unlike the vagina, which is similar to a pocket, the anus can suck up foreign objects so far into the body that a medical professional is required for removal.

TL;DR Butt Plug Safety Summary:

  1. Do not use silicone-based lube on silicone toys.
  2. Promptly disinfect butt plugs with toy cleaner after each use.
  3. Do not share your plug.
  4. Only use toys meant for anal insertion, which have a flared base.
  5. If you want it to move around a lot inside the anus, buy an anal dildo, not a butt plug.

Best Body-Safe Butt Plugs

These fine butt plugs are body-safe, meaning they are made from nonporous, phthalate-free, non-toxic materials:



  • nJoy Pure Plugs– This non-porous metal pop plug design offers the most body safe and hypoallergenic butt plug experience around and they come in small, medium and large sizes for those who are thinking of upsizing. Plus, since they’re stainless steel, they are safe for use with your favorite silicone or oil-based anal lubricant.


  • Joanna Angel’s Brass Knuckles Butt Plug– Combine toughness, great aesthetic design, practicality and medical grade silicone, and this brass knuckle butt plug is born. Multiple finger openings make this plug extremely easy to insert and remove. A personal favorite of mine, this plug can be boiled or put in the dishwasher for optimal cleanliness after use.


  • Pop Plug Medium– Made by Doc Johnson from firm silicone, this plug’s shape closely resembles that of a candy ring pop. It may appear innocent at first glance, but believe me, this pretty and innocuous looking pastel pink butt plug packs a punch.

Best Inflatable Butt Plug


  • Colt Expandable Butt Plug– Perfect for anal training or discipline training, this latex butt plug with rubber hand pump can be enlarged to your desired size. Inflatables make insertion and removal easier, but still offers the filled up feeling you get from a larger butt plug.

Best Vibrating Butt Plugs



  • Tush Teaser– This porous blue jelly plug is thin and slim with a removal bullet and adjustable vibrations. It’s very quiet for discretion during use, which makes it a wonderful choice for those who have roommates.


  • Vibrating Butt Plug– It’s name may be generic, but this is no ordinary butt plug. If you prefer a stylish and softer plug that also vibrates, than this is the one for you. This porous purple slightly textured butt plug with corded remote for customized vibration intensity during use.

Best Waterproof Butt Plugs


  • Black Rubber Anal Plugs– If you’re interested in trying a simple and flexible rubber butt plug, these black beauties come in small, medium and large sizes which are available for individual purchase. Great for beginners!

Best Kit Containing a Butt Plug


  • Hard Man Tool Kit– This super affordable kit has everything you need for male pleasure and erection enhancement. It contains: a penis pump, a vibrating penis sleeve, 2 erection rings and a 4” vibrating butt plug with a suction cupped base and a battery operated power pack.

Product Review: WET Naturals Beautifully Bare

The first thing I noticed about WET Naturals Beautifully Bare was how cool it felt to the touch. When I looked on the back at the ingredients on the back of the 3.3oz flip-top bottle, it came as no surprise to me that aloe is one of the first ingredients listed.

beautifullybarereviewThe addition of this aloe is startlingly noticeable when compared to the WET Light which I reviewed last week. The aloe meant that it felt great going on, and it even veered towards some mild temperature play with how cold it felt.

One thing to note: while this product is called Beautifully Bare, it does not say so on the front of the bottle. It only says this on the back. The front says, “WET Naturals Sensitive Skin,” now, unlike the above image (I was unable to find an appropriately labeled image). So if you are shipped this product and think that you’ve received the wrong thing, check the back first.

And on that note, this lube is excellent for sensitive skin. Many water-based lubes have to compensate for their lack of thickness by adding in glycerin or parabens as preservatives or emollients. Instead, Beautifully Bare uses only natural ingredients to achieve the same effect.


These natural ingredients also give the lube a slightly sweeter taste. Now, keep in mind, it’s no flavored lube. But if you like using lube for oral sex and you find flavored lubes too overpowering but also don’t want something that smells like a hospital, this might be a good mid-way point. If you like more flavor, check out WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry, from the same line by WET. It’s vagina-friendly and, as you’ll no doubt remember from my review, it tastes like heaven if heaven were made of strawberries.

While it will dry up faster than silicone-based lubricants, it doesn’t leave that nasty, sticky, tacky feeling that other water-based lubes leave behind. Reapplication is easy with the hand grip on the 3.3 oz bottle.

Now, this lube is safe to use anally, but we don’t recommend it. As we’ve said many times, the anus absorbs water, so a silicone-based lube, like WET Naturals Silky Supreme, are preferable, unless you are using a toy that is partially (but not 100%) silicone. Beautifully Bare will do the job, but you’ll be reapplying constantly.

As far as toys and condoms though? This lube is safe for anything. In fact, since it’s water-based, it didn’t even stain our sheets. Perfect!

The closest comparison we can find is Lifestyles Natural Personal Lubricant. In terms of most qualities, the pair run very close, save for two major differences. The Lifestyles lube is cheaper at $7.99 for 3.5 oz (whereas Beautifully Bare is $12.99 for 3.3 oz.) But consumer reviews and sales skew in favor of Beautifully Bare. Sometimes, quality comes at a cost.

Final Verdict

This is a great example of what a water-based lubricant should be. It’s vagina-friendly, it doesn’t have an over-whelming taste or smell, it lasts a fair amount of time, and it feels delightful even after it’s dry.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars


[Image courtesy of rgbstock.]


Lube Review: WET Light

WET sure makes some fabulous personal lubricants. While they’re better known for their flavored lubes, like WET Fun Flavors, their entry into the light lube category ain’t too shabby either.


I don’t really know what lube companies mean when they say that a lube is light. Is it because it has a water base so it’s not as strong as a silicone based lube? But this isn’t WET’s only water-based lube. So color me confused.

Like many other WET 3.5 oz. bottles, WET Light comes in a flip top and it comes with a handy grip on the side. So if you’re klutzy with your lube after it’s been opened, never fear! This bottle isn’t gonna go anywhere on you.

One nice thing though is that when it does dry up, it doesn’t get super tacky like certain other brands of lube. It’s a tiny bit sticky, but it’s really barely noticeable. And because it’s water-based, that stickiness comes off with just some soap and water. Bonus! And speaking of light lubes, it’s comparable in feeling to Probe Light but without the weird stringiness.

Being water-based also means this lube is ideal for many sex toys. In particular, it’d be a great choice if you have a pocket pussy or male masturbator, like the Ashton Moore Pocket Pussy, because it won’t hurt the integrity of the toy, and it won’t hurt your penis.

But it’s not one that I would use on my vagina. Why? This lube contains glycerin and propylene glycol, and it even has a paraben in it. These aren’t very vagina-friendly ingredients. They can lead to yeast infections and pH imbalances. A better choice would be WET Naturals Silky Supreme.


It does, however, come with both aloe and vitamin E in it. A very small number of people have had mild allergic reactions to vitamin E in lubricants, so if you have before, stay aware. But for many, they’ll experience a soothing, comfortable coolness with application, instead of an oily heat which some lubes have.

Even though it has aloe, I wouldn’t recommend it for anal sex since it not only dries up quickly, but the water base means it’s not really meant to be used in the absorbent anus. Stick to something silicone, or a hybrid, like WET Synergy. Or check our list of the Five Best Anal Sprays and Lubes.

It may be an OK choice for anal though. There’s a slightly sweet taste to WET Light, no doubt due to the glycerin and citric acid. And has almost no smell at all, so not’s not off-putting to get up close and personal.

Final Verdict

This is a great lube for solo and toy play. If you’d adverse to silicone lubes for some reason, it’s also a good call. The soothing feeling of the aloe and the general lack of stickiness and stringiness makes it one of the better light lubes on the market.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars


Quick Quips About Queefing

No matter whether you’re loud and proud about it, or you expel air with silence and shame, if you have a vagina– you queef.

What Exactly is Queefing?


Often called fanny farts, pussy farts, vaginal flatulence, varts, the slang word queef originated in Scotland as a spin-off of their nautical term quiff which means, “a blast of wind.” Unlike farting, queefing is odorless and not a part of the digestive process.

Is Queefing Normal?


Absolutely. Basically, while doing physical activities like yoga, aerobics, or sex, air gets trapped into the vaginal canal and needs to escape. Generally speaking, the more often you change positions during said activity, the more likely it will be for a queef to loudly escape. Of course, vag toots are not featured in adult films, so if that’s the only experience or sex ed you or your partner has had, queefing may not seem normal at first. Rest assured though, everyone with an innie does it.

How Should I React to Queefing?


If you or your partner queefs during sex, or you let out a huge pocket of air while at the gym, you may suddenly have a burst of emotions. You may bust out laughing, turn red in the face, have the desire to run away and hide or you may feel betrayed by your noisy body. However you react, always keep in mind that queefing is completely normal. And, since it can’t always be stifled, you might as well accept queefing as a natural and healthy part of being active.

Can Trapped Air in the Vagina Be Dangerous?


You may have heard that cunnilingus can cause air embolisms. While this is very rare, and the result of large amounts of air being intentionally blown into the vaginal canal, it can occur. While it’s a scary thought for anyone to consider, this is a particularly terrifying thought for pregnant women. When giving or getting oral on a vagina, be sure to avoid this influx of huge volumes of oxygen– but remember, embolisms are a result of huge volumes of air, not from normal breathing. Queefs are the bodies way of releasing this air outward, so if some gets in there by mistake, it’ll work its way out. Dental dams provide even more protection from air entering into your body during oral, as well as shielding you and your partner from STD/STI transmission from oral sex.

Intentional Queefing


Believe it or not, some people with vaginas can actually queef on demand, just like a controlled burp performance of the alphabet. This unusual and very specific talent was the inspiration behind the World Queefing Championships, as shown in the photo above, which tallied the amount of live queefs created on the air. Queef on, ladies!

The 5 Best Dildos for Size Queens

Here at Spicy Gear, we love toys and genitals of all shapes and sizes– and don’t consider one size to be better than another. That being said, sexually satisfying a size queen can certainly take some extra oomph in the size department. Never fear, lovers of ample proportions and immense insertables– we’ve made it super easy on you by vanquishing the puny contenders and selecting the top five best dildos for size queens:

5. The 12” Bendable Destroyer


If you like ‘em long, smooth, and flexible– the 12” Bendable Destroyer will get you in the groove. Made specifically for anal, this slick shaft and balls are made from Sil-A-Gel, and harbors a hidden armature wire, which allows for ease of repositioning and angling for optimal G-Spot contact. Pair it with water-based WET Uranus lube for the safest and most anal-riffic session ever!

4. The ManHandler


Want a dildo that handles like a weapon, even when your hands are covered in lube? You need the almost intimidatingly massive ManHandler. Easy to grip, and available in either black or white, this take-charge dildo with a 9.25” insertable shaft with a police baton-like handle makes this Sil-A-Gel, veined dong perfect for BDSM powerplay and role reversal (or for pegging when no strap-on is available– as this item can be gripped in-between strong thighs).

3. The Adam Dexter Dildo


Like dem colossal curves, do ya? Get your behemoth-bend on with the Adam Dexter Dildo and delight in the hands-free might! Made from waterproof latex, with a suction-cup base, this arched black beauty is ideal for those who need a bit of an angle for direct G-Spot stimulation. Size wise, it’s not as long as others on this list, but the titanic girth and glorious curve secured its spot at number three. It has a 8.5” insertable length by a 6.75” girth, and it even comes with a fancy fabric carrying bag.

2. The John Holmes Realistic Dildo


Larger than life? Nope! Minus the suction cup base, the height of realism has been achieved in this accurately sized replica (12” long by a 5” base circumference) of John Holmes’ enormous erection. Complete with a pink-tinted head, veins and a special multi-layered texture (which mimics a real hard-on by offering a squishier outside layer atop a rock hard material), when you feel this toy, you’ll be aching to give this giant, is-this-for-real bone a new home.

1. The Dick Rambone Dildo


This, “OMG, this could split me in two,” (14.5” long by 8” base circumference) realistic dildo is an exact replica of Dick Rambone’s (a prominent porn star from the 1980’s) famously gargantuan balls and shaft. It comes in otherwise identical black and white versions, both of which have a mighty suction cup for tub, shower, floor or wall mounting capabilities for hefty hands-free action. Hint: lightly wet the suction cup for the best adhesion.

What makes this dildo so great? It’s not just the immense size, it’s the sheer weight. This humongous dong is extremely substantial, and it’s just as heavy and mighty as the real deal, weighing in at a full three pounds, which definitely enhances the overall experience.

Another fantastic quality is the detailed veins, which are hand-painted in the United States by the toy experts at Doc Johnson. Made from a porous, antibacterial and cadmium-free Sil-A-Gel material, this dildo is phthalate-free and non-latex, and needs to be cleaned with toy cleaner and fully dried before storage in order to keep it safe and looking and smelling like new.

For the safety and longevity of your newly beloved Rambone, we recommend only using water-based lubes, like Pjur Woman Aqua (read our review here), as silicone-based lubes may negatively interact with the Sil-A-Gel and cause degradation of the material. Learn more about lubes and their interaction with toys here.

How To Buy A Toy For Your Partner

The day has come! You and your partner have reached the appropriate level of intimacy to begin investing money in your sex lives. Or maybe you’ve been married for years and have decided it’s time to spice things up. Well, we here at Spicy Gear are always ready to spice things up, as I’m sure you’re aware. Here’s a quick guide to buying that perfect present for your partner.


Let’s Chat

Now, there’s always a fear when buying toys that it’ll make your partner uncomfortable. Whether you feel like you’re going to make them uncomfortable by obligating something on them they aren’t ready for, or by getting them a toy that they’re simply not interested in or doesn’t work for them– such as buying a rabbit vibrator when they really want something that hits their G-spot (psst… try the Delilah).

You could try talking to them. If you’re open about these things together, that’s a great option.

You might even try shopping together. When I expressed interest in buying a glass dildo, my partner asked me to do some shopping around and pick out a couple that I liked. I knew that I’m pretty picky about my dildos and that, since it was glass, the shape would mean a lot to me. In the end, while he still made the purchase, he did so knowing what exactly would be best for me. And even though it wasn’t a surprise, I was still in love with the one he picked out.

And if you really just don’t know what you get your partner? We DO sell gift cards.

But what do you do if you partner gets embarrassed about these things?

Become a Sexionnaire

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 11.43.35 AM

One site we suggest trying out is Sexionnaire. It’s a survey which you and your partner will take separately detailing those kinks and toys you’ve been wanting to try in the bedroom but been too afraid to ask about. And don’t worry about letting your freak flag fly– your partner will only see what you picked if they picked it too, and vice versa. So if I want to have a threesome, but my partner really isn’t feeling that, the fact that I said I was into that wouldn’t even show up on our results.

This could give you a great idea for toys, i.e. if you partner says they’re interested in receiving anal, you might know to buy them a trainer butt plug, like the Double Fantasy (read all about butt stuff here!). Or if they’re wanting to try some light bondage, a Pink Kink Kit might be right up their alley.

Just be warned, unlike the now-defunct Mojo Upgrade, this site is pretty heteronormative. It’s not exactly friendly for queer couples (including using gendered language and not having any options for same-sex couples), and as of right now, I can’t find a better substitute that’s more inclusive. Found one or made one? Send it our way and we’ll write a post about it!

Help! I bought the wrong thing!


You bought her a shiny new nJoy and she just… hates it. It happens, and we know that! That’s why we have a return policy. We offer store credit returns, so your partner can pick something that will suit them better.

Of course, we do not restock these items since it is a health risk. Because of this, we have to charge a 20% restocking fee for sending the toy back to the manufacturer.

If you’re interested in making a return, please give us a call at 1-(877) 246-9745 to receive instructions on how to do so.