Product Review: Doc Johnson’s iLube

The Doc Johnson brand is responsible for such high quality awesomeness as the hands-free sex toy the iRide and the TitanMen Stretch-to-Fit erection ring, so I expected quite a bit from their silicone-based personal lubricant, the iLube. Luckily, I was not disappointed in the slightest. Disappointing lube is the worst.


Doc Johnson’s iLube

The iLube is the simplest commercially produced lube I’ve ever used. With only two pure silicone ingredients: dimethicone and dimethiconcol, this colorless and odorless lube is as close to natural vaginal fluids as a silicone-based lube can get. With no added colors, flavors, glycerins, parabens or sugars, for me, this is a very vag-friendly product. It’s also safe for use with all condoms and with nonporous toys. Not sure what your toy is made of? No problem. Just read this article to find out! Woot!

Like the natural lubricants produced by the body, this lube doesn’t dry out or get sticky. I know every lube claims this to be the case, claiming their lube is the all-time #1 world’s longest lasting lube. Frankly, these claims get to be a bit tiresome, because anyone that has used a low quality water-based lube (like KY Jelly for instance) can tell you that all lubes are not created equal when it comes to staying power. But, I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by the duration and resiliency of the iLube, even versus my old fav, Pjur Original Body Glide and in comparison to my exploits with Wet Platinum as well.

The packaging of the iLube is simple, understated and I believe, meant to have an Apple computer slant, hence the name. So, think minimal text and modern clean lines. It’s a pump-style top, with a protective cap over it for storage or travel. Although, I wouldn’t call it a one handed pump, so you’ll need both hand to apply this lube. Considering how long this stuff lasts, you don’t want it spilling, so try not to lose the cap. Having some Pjur Med Clean around for removing any resulting fabric stains would be a good idea– not to mention for any toy clean up as well. iLube only comes in one size and it’s 1.7fl oz, which will be enough to last me for quite awhile.


Liquid V for Women Stimulating Gel

I am a big fan of sexual health products made here in the States, and I try to buy them as much as possible versus imported goods, so I was very pleased that iLube is made in America. I paired it with another locally made stimulating lubricant made right here in Tampa, called Liquid V for Women, and with a silicone-lubed latex condom made in the states called the Caution Wear Black Ice, and it was the most ultimately orgasmic lube experience I’ve had in quite some time. I used a few drops of the Liquid V on my clitoris and then a pump of the iLube for my canal and it was a match made in lube heaven. My shaky thighs and I highly recommend it.

Final Verdict:

iLube is a high quality and inexpensive silicone-based lube. It’s simple and long lasting formula is ideal for either beginners or seasoned professionals, in addition to other lubricants or on its own, and for couples or during solo play.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Product Review: Swiss Navy 2-in-1 Just For Her

I reviewed the Swiss Navy 2-in-1 His and Hers a few weeks ago and was a little disappointed in the fact that both of its gels felt very much the same. So this week, I am excited to compare the Mild and the Wild of Swiss Navy’s 2-in-1 Just For Her.


Again, I love these bottles. Shaped like a deodorant applicator, this pump bottle has two pumps– one for Mild, and one for Wild. Unlike the His and Hers, either these pumps were a little wonky or this arousal gel is extremely thick.

I’m going to go for the latter.

It took me quite a while to work some of the Mild gel out of the pump, and even when I did, it didn’t really spray so much as goop up outside of the pump. Not that this was really a problem. A little goes a long way with these arousal gels and they work best when combined with a lube. On their own, they’ll get sticky too quickly and dry up.

I have sensitive skin, so I decided to start with the Mild and see if I had any kind of reaction. The directions on the back agreed with me:

“DIRECTIONS: Start with the Mild, then mix in Wild to achieve desired sensation.”


The Mild has a minty smell, and the ingredients concur on that.  It’s got peppermint oil in it and it tastes freaking amazing. As someone who loves peppermint, I could see this is an excellent addition to our oral collection. Only one thing– it made my tongue feel very sensitive! I guess that’s to be expected, and the sensation didn’t last too painfully long.

The Mild ended up having a softer feeling to it than the Wild. Both made me crazy sensitive when applied to my clitoris and I didn’t have a reaction to either one– a rare thing. But when mixing them together, I didn’t really notice a difference– they kind of just blended together, much like their ingredients. If you want a softer, gentler arousal, go for the Mild. If you want something quick, acute, and dirty, go wild.

Now, once again we run into the gendered troubles of these lubes, and once again, my brave male partner decided to try them in spite (gasp) of them being labeled for women only.

And just like with the His and Hers, he loved them. Perhaps even more than I did. We mixed it into a slurry with some Wet Gellee for an amazing hand-job for him.

If you’re super conscious about ingredients, this may be a gel to avoid. Both Mild and Wild contain parabens. Remember, too, that this gel is both condom AND toy-safe, so long as it’s combined with the proper lube. You can learn more about picking the right lube in our lube guide.


While this gel is called Just For Her, it’s really for anyone who wants either a mild or wild time– or a little bit of both! The peppermint taste and scent is a huge plus!


What Is the Bechdel Test?

Developed in 1985 by Alison Bechdel, the Bechdel Test now an important feminist staple when it comes to Western media and pop culture derived from HollyWOOD– which is typically a man’s world. This eye opening test was conceived and published in Bechdel’s comic series called Dykes to Watch Out For in a strip entitled The Rule. For this reason, sometimes this test is also referred to as the Bechdel Rule.


Primarily applied to movies, the Bechdel Test is one of those rare anomalies– once it’s brought to your attention, it’s extremely hard to ignore. Unfortunately, after a closer examination, some of my all time favorite films and do not pass the Bechdel Test, and as a feminist this saddens me on a deeply personal level.

3 Requirements Needed to Pass the Bechdel Test:

1. A minimum of two named female characters must appear in the film.
2. They must converse at least once with one another.
3. One or more conversations must be about something other than men.

Excerpt from The Rule by Alison Bechdel

Excerpt from The Rule by Alison Bechdel

5 Favorite Films That Do Not Pass the Bechdel Test

1. Star Wars (1977)
2. The Lord of the Rings (2001)
3. The Fifth Element (1997)
4. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011)
5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II (2011)

5 Favorite Films That Do Pass the Bechdel Test

1. Ghost World (2001)
2. Death Proof (2007)
3. Black Swan (2010)
4. Being John Malkovich (1999)
5. American Beauty (1999)

What are some of your favorite films that do or do not pass the Bechdel Test? Let us know on Spicy Gear’s Twitter or Tumblr pages!

The Bechdel Test vs. Reality


Is this for real? But, where’s the man at?

If I had a female friend or girlfriend who either never spoke or never spoke about anything other than men, we wouldn’t be interacting for very long, I can tell you that much. That’d be an incredibly boring and yet simultaneously frustrating relationship. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

When discussing relationships and sex lives with my people, it is rarely so one-sided and male oriented. In fact, much of my conversations with my same-sex (female) that center around sex are more likely to be about hands-free masturbation, sex toys, lubes for all occasions and non-latex condoms than strictly revolving around the men who are or are not currently a part of their lives. You’ll find us drinking a craft brew discussing our newest glass dildo acquisitions or how amazing our new clitoral vibe pairs with Swiss Navy lube, way before you’ll hear us strictly spewing out a man’s narrative.

This is not to say that men are not a part of our lives, because they are and we are very happy to have it that way. Men are awesome. It’s the amount of intense focus on men in the media with the exclusion of women that is a problem, not men themselves. The Bechdel Test seeks to take down this self-serving phallacracy in film, which is not at all representative of my reality. The validity of the test isn’t hard to find, in my eyes, since so many mainstream films fit into this profile.

As a writer, I can’t help but wonder if writing for a character outside of your own gender may prove difficult for some. However, we are all people with a past, present and future and wants, needs and desires. So why would this be impossible? And, if it is, does that make them bad screenwriters?

Look at these wildly popular television series Golden Girls, Orange is the New Black and Sex in the City. While men are certainly discussed, the females have definitive personalities, goals and share a genuine interest in one another, aside from the male gaze. Then compare this to a show such as The Smurfs, with the lone Smurfette. Something just isn’t right. Surely the writers for OITNB are far more in tune with reality than those who wrote for The Smurfs.

Bechel Revised: The Mako Mori Test

mk7Yq0qMuch backlash about the Bechdel Test has come since the release of the sci-fi click Pacific Rim, since this film doesn’t pass the test, and yet is was intended to be a feminist film. Case in point, the Mako Mori Test, named after a strong female lead in this film which didn’t have any other female characters (hence not meeting the requirement for the two or more female leads).This Mako Mori test rules are slightly different, but not any more forgiving, and they go a little something like this:

1) One or more female characters are present.

2) She has her own story.

3) Her story is not a supporting role for a male character’s story.

Of course, considering that the film cost over $200 million dollar to make and was considered to be a complete flop at the box office, making a mere $38 million in return for their investment, one can’t help but wonder if this new set of rules for defining feminist films was discreetly set into place by a clever marketing executive at Warner Bros. Note: even their name has bro in it.

Source: [Business Insider]

How To: Hands-Free Masturbation

Here’s a little known fact: when people say they’re living the dream, the dream is, of course, hands-free masturbation.


You, too, can live the dream! Here are our five favorite hands-free masturbation techniques for people with vaginas. Feel free to improvise as you see fit, but make sure you’re staying safe and using your best judgement.  No one wants to end up on Sex Put Me in the ER.

Farrah Faucet

As many young girls come to discover, there’s a reason their moms have detachable shower heads. If you have one, find a setting that feels good on your skin. You may have to go easy at first and then increase the pressure. This can also be used to stimulate your anus, nipples, or other erogenous zones on your body.


Even if you don’t have a detachable shower head, you can still run up your water bills for the endless pursuit of self-gratification. Position yourself under your faucet and let the water run over your clitoris. It may feel a little weird at first because of the positioning, just make sure to be aware of the drain– if it has a knob on it, wrap it in a wash cloth to keep from a painful distraction. Also, be sure of the water level if the drain is blocked by the stopper or your body. You may have to position yourself with your head up.

Jacuzzi jets are another way to get off using water jets. Position yourself in front of one in your favorite pool or hot tub and let the water do the work. For some fun with a partner, have them control the pressure of the jets at their whim.

One of the best parts about using water to masturbate is that you can control the temperature. Sometimes, I like to switch between warm and cold for some extra, shocking stimulation.

Heeling Feeling

I’ve never tried this one personally because I have the balance of a shishi odoshi fountain. But I have many friends who swear this technique got them started down the long road of self pleasure.


Sit with one leg folded in as far as you can go, then press your heel into your crotch. You should be able to rock your body back and forth and give you labia and clitoris some friction. Some people claim that this feels better when wearing a pair of light, cotton panties or some thin pajama bottoms.

Alternatively, put a toy between your feet, like our 6″ Realistic Black Dildo. For added security, this one has a suction cup that can be secured in the bath tub, or on a non-carpeted floor.

Pillow Princess

Along with detachable shower heads, pillows are often the first thing young people with vaginas learn to masturbate with.



The basics of it go like this:

1. Find a pillow.

2. Place pillow between your legs.

3. Hump that pillow like a windup toy that got caught in the carpet and fell over.

Really, it seems pretty easy, doesn’t it? But as with most masturbation techniques, you’ll have to experiment to find out what works best for you. Do you like soft or firm pillows? Did you find that wearing underwear makes it more comfortable or are you content to go bare? Only time and lots of practice will tell.

You can even use a pillow to aid the stimulation from other toys. Fold it in half and place your favorite dildo, like our Glass Gem Emerald between the folds, then ride it to your heart’s content.

The pillow treatment can be expanded to other objects as well– doors, mattress edges, couch cushions, bath tubs.

Thighs On The Sly


This one may not be as intense as some of the others, but it’s a great way to get off in public if you can’t dash to the bathroom. Cross your legs tightly, then alternate your thighs back and forth. This will provide pressure on your labia and clitoris, and the rubbing will give it friction. You may not have a squirting orgasm from this, but it can be enough to relieve some significant tension.

Hands-Free Toys

From vibrating panties to riding toys, there are all kinds of ways to get off with minimal effort and still using toys.

For instance, we carry the Vibratex Snugglepuss, a flexible vibrator which wraps itself right up against your clitoris for instant, hands-free stimulation. It can even be pulled apart and inserted to stimulate the G-spot the clitoris at the same time.vibratexsnugglepuss

Suction cup dildos and vibrators are another attractive idea. Our iRide from Doc Johnson eliminates the need to potentially dangerous or slippery surfaces you’d need for that suction cup for. You can ride it in a bed or on the floor, and not only does it provide the awesome rocking motion of a partner, but it even has two bullet vibrators– one in the clitoral bump and the other in the dildo.


Of course, the crowning jewel in our hands-free toy line up is the Sybian.


It may be crazy expensive, but those of our customers who have one swear that it’s worth every penny. This toy can even be used with the aid of a partner– have them control the movement of the vibrators, or ride the Sybian while pleasuring your partner on the bench. Even if you’re riding it alone, our Sybian owners swear they’ll never spend another dime on another toy– which may actually save them in the long run. Splitting the cost with a partner is another great way to relieve the cost a little.

Sex Sells: The Best Adult Commercials

This ad hit the airwaves sometime last week and caused a bit of a stir:

We here at Spicy Gear think it makes a very poignant message about gun safety and the humor makes it a great conversation starter. Some have decried it as trying to make women feel ashamed of using sex toys, but we think it shows that all women can have vibrators or dildos– and it’s totally cool if they don’t want their kids to find them.

Here are some other videos that make poignant messages using sex. Some are particularly poignant, and some are just plain silly. Enjoy!

Did you know condoms come in sizes? A lot of people don’t. This ad is great because not only does it show a, uh, very open conversation about sex, and more importantly, safe sex. These gorgeous Australians know that safe sex isn’t just one partner’s responsibility: everyone is responsible for safe sex. In this video, the female partner’s opinion is treated as just as relevant as the male’s, leading them to find the perfect match.

Check out our brother site, Condom Depot, for all the information you need to know about condom sizes, including their world famous condom size chart.

Sometimes, the most important part of your home is having it be somewhere where you feel most comfortable. For those of us who have gotten noise complaints for our marathon love-making sessions, the freedom to scream at the top of our lungs in ecstasy (perhaps while using a Trojan Magnum Ecstasy) is the most important part of an apartment search. Go you, brave apartment-finder. You’re not ashamed to get what you want and we admire that.

I like to picture this ad as the prequel to the previous commercial. Privacy is a big deal when it comes to your sexual health and privacy while masturbating seems even more so important. This is me time, it’s healthy, it feels great, and it’s time for me to relax and enjoy my body. Sorry Granny.

We love this commercial! Not only does it show an assortment of positions, but it also shows a positive threesome experience– albeit, with condom balloon animals. But you get the picture. Make sure you’re safe in all your sexual adventures– and while you’re at it, check out our favorite Durex condoms.

Women can have crazy nights out (or in) and still have a functioning day life? Who knew! Ikea has the best (and often times, dirtiest) commercials out there, and we love this one because it shows that women are multi-faceted creatures. You don’t have to sacrifice a part of yourself to experience sexual freedom. Thanks Ikea!

Way to be inventive, KY patrons! What creative uses for lube have you come up with?

As someone who spills everything, this ad is my life. And it’s pretty accurate. Pjur lubes have a great gooping quality to them which means they’ll slip and slide during the action, but not when you’re applying. Our favorite is their Original Aqua. Perfect for toys and bodies alike! Find out how to know if your lube is toy safe!

At least mother and daughter have something in common! Check out our list of things you shouldn’t masturbate with to see why this ad was a great idea, then grab your Magic Wand and be grateful that your days with the old cucumber are over.


Best Lubes For Sensitive Skin

Like many folks out there, I have sensitive skin. Whenever anyone buys me fancy smelling soaps or lotions, they always go into my guest bathroom or risk being unused. Nope, it’s coconut oil and hydrocortisone for this girl. Even certain smells or foods can set my skin aflame, making it itch.

But I’m also a lubricant connoisseur. And over the years, I’ve come to discover what works for me best, and now I’d like to share that with those of you out there while also need a little more tender loving care when it comes to your skin.


Stay Away From


Made from nonoxynol-9, spermicide can be very irritating even to people without sensitive skin. Many companies decided to stop making it when it was found to be ineffective and even detrimental at preventing the spread of HIV/AIDs, but some condom companies still put it in their pre-applied lubricated condoms because customers request it. Stop the demand!


Many may find warming lubricants to be pleasurable, but for those with sensitive skin, especially folks with vaginas, warming lubricants can turn said vaginas into a living hell. The main ingredient that makes these lubes so warm and toasty? Capsaicin, which you foodies will recognize as the ingredient that makes peppers spicy. In a small amount, it’s not supposed to be painful, but many report it causes a deal of discomfort. In a large part, those reporting discomfort are people with vaginas.


Your vagina has yeast. Yeast, for those of you who have never made bread before, is a natural fungus activated by sugars. Glycerin and sugars, like those found in many flavored lubes, can activate the yeast in your vagina, potentially setting you up for a yeast infection. Many women never have a problem with this, but for those of us who are plagued with frequent yeast infections, glycerin is a big no-no. We recently found out that this was an issue with Swiss Navy Flavored Lubes.


My Favorites

As a disclaimer, just know that just because these work for me doesn’t mean that they’ll work for you. These are simply the least invasive lubricants that I have tried. Order them in small amounts and try them in small amounts and you’ll be bound to find something that you love.


WET Naturals

I love this lube line because it comes with so many options. They’re sugar-free, paraben-free, glycerin-free, colorless and tasteless. They’re essentially everything I want in a lube, but they have vitamins and they leave your skin feeling soft and silky, not greasy and crusty. While their Beautifully Bare is excellent, my favorite is the Silky Supreme, but they even have the perfect lube for oral– Sensual Strawberry! That’s right, even their oral lube is sugar-free. How awesome is that?


Liquid Silk

This is my favorite hybrid lube on the market. While it has the properties of both water and silicone-based lubes, you can still use it with silicone toys and get that same slick, waterproof feeling that most silicone lubes offer. The thing that I love most about Liquid Silk is that when I’m using it, I barely notice it. Why? Because I don’t want to notice my lube. I don’t want it to get all over my sheets. I don’t want it to dry out so quickly I have to keep reapplying it, stopping the action. I just want it to be there, and the creamy formula of Liquid Silk is unobtrusive as it gets. I just want it to feel like my natural fluids– and Liquid Silk is great for that.


Image courtesy of ponsulak /

Image courtesy of ponsulak /

Coconut Oil

For those of you using non-latex or polyisoprene condoms, your new favorite lube may be in your grocery store baking aisle. I recently gave coconut oil a shot seeing as my partner and I prefer Trojan’s NaturaLambs which won’t be corrupted by oil-based lubes (although they are not STD-proof!). We quickly fell in love with how soft and silky coconut oil made everything feel. On top of being a great lube, it also does amazing things to your skin, so if you want to transition from a nice genital massage to a full-body one with your partner, this lube will do the trick.


WET Uranus

This lube is essential for anal! Not only is their silicone-based lube one of the best I’ve ever had, it’s perfect for anal. With no parabens or glycerin, it does have a good pH balance and is hypoallergenic– this lube is perfect for all heavenly bodies– even those who need a little more sensitivity. For those with silicone toys, it also comes in a water-based formula, although be careful, sensitive people: that version does have glycerin, so if you’re sensitive, you may want to check out an alternative option.

Consumer Alert: Swiss Navy Lube is Mislabeled

Like many others, when I see a glycerin-free label on the a product, I trust that information is correct.

However, as I was all set to write a review for Swiss Navy Flavored Lubricant in Pina Colada flavor, I happened to glance at the listed ingredients, which do not appear on the Spicy Gear site.

Since this is a water-based lube, seeing water listed first was not a surprise. But, seeing glycerin listed as the second most prevalent ingredient was a bit of a shock, especially since the words “glycerin free,” appear directly underneath the listed ingredients.


Knowing that many companies use the exact same label design and text for a lot of their products, I suspected this was a quality control or proofing error on the part of MD Science Lab, LLC, the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida manufacturers of Swiss Navy. So, in order to clarify my new discovery, I went on a Swiss Navy hunt in our expansive warehouse.

I examined seven varieties of Swiss Navy lubricant, six flavored and one original. Being that all of these test subjects were water-based, I was checking for this very same glycerin mislabeling issue. The FDA is known to recall products for the same such mislabeling, but these seem to have slipped through the cracks.


The ingredients for three of the flavored lubricants from Swiss Navy Passion Fruit, Strawberry Kiwi and Pina Colada are listed as: Water, Glycerin, Cellulose Gum, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Saccharin, Potassium Acesulfame, Diazolidinyl Urea, Flavor, Citric Acid, PEG 8, Disodium EDTA, Potassium Sorbate. All three of these bottles clearly state: glycerin free.

On the other hand, Swiss Navy Original, Chocolate Bliss, and Very Wild Cherry all contain glycerin as well, but a glycerin-free label is not included on their packaging. Fair enough. That just leaves one more bottle to investigate: Swiss Navy Candy Cane. In place of glycerin, this lone lube contains cellulose gum instead. Since this flavor is labeled as glycerin-free, and it contains no glycerin, morally and technically, this lube is in the clear as well.


Glycerin is not typically found in oil or silicone-based lubricants as its main function in water-based lubes is as a thickener and sweetener. Glycerin is made from sugar alcohol and is found in many sugar-free candies and gums. This is why flavored lubes contain so much glycerin–to make it more palatable and tasty. It is considered to have a low toxicity, which differs from being completely non-toxic.

But what’s so wrong with a little glycerin, you ask? Well, it can trigger an allergic reaction in the vagina or lead to a female yeast infection. Some companies, like ID, makers of the amazing ID Millennium lube, claim that glycerin is not a sugar and therefore cannot cause a yeast infection. I have also heard of people becomes itchy or getting a rash from lubes containing glycerin. I mean, it ain’t poison, but since it can cause issues during its intended use, it’s incredibly important to label this ingredient correctly.

My natural reaction to flavored lubricants containing glycerine is one of cringing hesitation, due to prior instances of using them and then getting a raging yeast infection afterwards. Aside from an STD, that’s one of the the least sexy side effect you can get, especially since yeast infections are contagious and the medication can destroy the integrity of latex condoms.


Competitors such as Wet Fun Flavors also use glycerin in their tasty formulas, but they do not label their lube as being glycerin-free. But, since the Swiss Navy Flavored Lube bottles are 4 oz/118 ml, which is 0.5 ounces more than Fun Flavors, and they are priced one dollar cheaper than Wet. They also taste much more natural and pleasant than Wet Fun Flavors, last longer and are insanely slippery as well. Both brands of lube are fully compatible with latex and non-latex condoms and all adult toys.

So, if you can look past the major labeling mistake, and you have no objections to glycerin, Swiss Navy Flavored Lubricants are premium water-based lubes that offer significantly more bang for your buck. But, if the label bothers you, reach out and let us know, because as of this morning, we’ve made the manufacturer aware of this quality control problem are awaiting a reply to this mislabeling concern.